PCA Stress Measuring Set

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The PCAS-1000A includes software and sensor interface(data logger),specialized for stress measurements described in IPC/JEDEC-9704A.
It will help beginners to measure PCB(Printed Circuit Board) stress easily.

Movie for how to use PCAS-1000A


Usable without knowledge of stress measurements.
Reporting feature specialized for PCB stress measurements.


PCA Stress Measuring Software PCAS-100A
Sensor Interfaces PCD-400A
One-touch type Input Adapter UI-55A
AC Adapter UIA345-12
Storage Case

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Sensor Interface

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Applicable Sensors Strain gages, Strain-gage transducers
Input Channels 4
Synchronous Measurement Up to 4 units by 16 channels
Applicable Gage Resistance Quarter bridge system (2-wire or 3-wire): 120 Ω
Half and full bridge systems: 120 Ω to 1000 Ω
Input Connectors 37-pin D-sub connector
Bridge Power Supply AC 2 V rms
Gage Factor 2.00 fixed
Balance Adjustment Resistance: Within ±2% (±10000 μm/m)
Capacity: Within 5000 pF
Balance Adjustment Methods Resistance: Pure electronic auto balance method
Capacity: CST method (Automatic tracking)
Nonlinearity Within ±0.1%FS
Measurement Range 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 μm/m, 7 steps.
Accuracy: within ±0.5%FS
Frequency Response DC to 200 Hz
Deviation: within ±10%
Sampling Sampling Frequencies : Max. 10 kHz (Synchronous sampling of 4 units 16 channels)
LPF Transfer Characteristics : 2nd order Butterworth
Cutoff Frequency : 10, 30, 100 Hz, and FLAT -4 steps
Amplitude Ratio at Cutoff Point : -3±1 dB
Attenuation : -12±1 dB/oct.
A/D Resolution 24 bits
Holding Setting Conditions 0.7 A or less (13 VDC)
TEDS Loading function from the TEDS sensor (Applicable input adaptors UI-10A and UI-11A)
CH name writing function (For the manufacture ID: KYOWA only)
Interfaces USB2.0 (Compliant to the High-Speed, USB3.0 port supported)
Stability Temperature
Zero point: within ±0.2 μm/m per ºC
Sensitivity: within ±0.05%/ºC
Zero point: within ±1 μm/m/8h.
Sensitivity: within ±0.3%/8h.
Withstand Voltage
Operating Temperature/Humidity 0 to 40ºC, 20 to 85%RH (Noncondensing)
Vibration Resistant ±29.42 m/s2 (3 G), 5 to 200 Hz, (12 cycles for each axis, 10 minutes/cycle)
Power Supply DC 11 to 16 V
Connector: RM12BRD-4PH (Hirose)
Current Consumption 0.7 A or less (12 VDC)
Dimensions 210 W x 35 H x 157.5 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 700 g
Applicable Standard
EMC Directive EN61326-1 (Class A)
RoHS Directive EN50581

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories USB cable N-38 (1 m)
Ground wire P-72 (5 m)
DVD (Dynamic data acquisition software DCS-100A)

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories AC adaptor UIA345-12
USB cable N-39 (2 m)
DC power cable P-76 (DC 11 to 16 V, 2 m)
Connection cable N-97 (10cm)
Stacking connector set ST-1A
Stack fixture CN-20 for up to 4 units
Input adaptors (At least one is required )
Input adapter for strain gage transducer UI-10A (TEDS supported)
Input adapter for strain gage UI-11A (TEDS supported)
Input adapter for strain gage with operating lever UI-15A
One-touch lock type input adapter for strain gage UI-16 A
One-touch type input adapter UI-55A



One-touch Type Input Adapter

Product name One-touch type input adapter
Object Product Model PCD-400A/430A
EDX-11A( Full bridge system only)


Connecting target strain gage, strain gage transducer
Strain Method quarter bridge system (2-wire and 3-wire), half bridge system, full bridge system
Number of Input Channels 4
Dimensions 105(W)×18.5(H)×35(D)mm
Weight Approx. 90g


Product name AC adapter
Object Product Model EDX-100A, EDX-200A-2H, EDX-200A-1, PCD-400A, PCD-430A

PCA Stress Measuring Software



Operating Environment
OS Windows® Vista®, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, English/Japanese 32, 64 bits support
CPU Intel Core i3 or advanced
Memory If OS is 32 bits, 2 GB or more.
If OS is 64 bits, 4GB or more.
Display 1024*768 pixels or more.
1280*1024 or more recommended.
Measuring Conditions
Maximum Input CH 16 channels (16 pieces: Uniaxial, 5 pieces: Triaxial)
Setting Channel Gage type: 1G2W, 1G3W, 2G2W, 2G3W, 3 G2W, 3 G3W, Half Bridge, Full Bridge
Measurement range: 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 μm/m
Gage factor of strain gage
Measurement Mode Manual measurement
Recoding from REC to STOP, or designated number of data items from REC.
Sampling Frequency(Hz) 100, 200, 500, 1 k, 2 k, 5 k, and 10 k Hz
Low-pass Filter(Hz) Cutoff frequency: 10, 30, 100, FLAT
Measuring Instrument
Enable Devices PCD-400A/430A (Maximum 4)
Enable Gages Uniaxial, Biaxial, Triaxial
Catalog “Catalog" can search a strain gage for Printed Circuit Assembly Strain Gage Test.
Bonding “Bonding" describes the method of bonding the strain gage on the printed circuit board.
Compliant with IPC/JEDEC-9704A 2012 January
Time Series Graph X-axis is time (s).
Y-axis is strain (Uniaxial-gage, Principal, Diagonal )
Strain-rate Graph X-axis is Strain-rate, Y is Maximum principal strain.
* Strain rate is the rate of change in strain of respect to time.
Y-axis Scale Auto-scale,
Settable scale: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 μm/m
Data File
Saving File Format KYOWA standard file format KS2.
Report Type Create report with Graph or Table.
Report Type
Graph-report Time series graph, Strain-rate graph
Table-report Maximum principal strain, Minimum principal strain, Diagonal strain, Strain-rate
Clipboard Copies graphs and tables.
Allows other application software to use the data.
Printing Print out reports
Report File Report file (PCR format) can save, read and edit.

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