PCA Stress Analysis Software



PCAS-200A creates stress analysis report in accordance with IPC/JDEC9704A.
“Maximum Principal Strain”, “Minimum Principal Strain”, “Diagonal Strain”, “Strain Rate”, “Time Series Graph”, “Strain Rate Graph”
Note: Evaluation method for Printed Circuit Board using strain gages is regulated by IPC/JDEC9704A and it is valid for quality evaluation or failure analysis.


●Compatible to KS2* file format
●Easy Operation
●Easy Conversion to CSV file
* Kyowa standard file format

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PCA Stress Analysis Software



Operating Environment
OS Windows® Vista®, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, English/Japanese
32, 64 bits support
CPU Intel Core i3 or advanced
Memory If 32-bit OS: 2 GB or more
If 64-bit OS: 4 GB or more
Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or more
Input File format: Kyowa standard file format KS2
Applicable channels: Analog channels only
Number of channels: Up to 64
Number of data: Max.18 millions per channel (5 kHz, 1h)
Output File formats: KS2, CSV, and PCR (Report file format)
Output contents: Channel waveforms, analysis waveforms, and analysis result list (CSV file only)
RePorts Report types: Graph and table
Graph-report: Time series graphs, and strain-rate graphs
Table-report: Max. principal strain, minimum principal strain, diagonal strain, and strain-rate
Clipboard: Copies graphs and tables to the clipboard.
Allows other application software to use the data.
Printing: Created report can be printed.
Report file: Allows PCR format report files to be saved, read and edited.
Batch processing: Batch process of multiple files. (Printing report or CSV data)

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