Strain Gages for Measuring Axial Tension of Bolt

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If it is difficult to bond a strain gage to the surface of a bolt for measuring the tightening stress, these gages enable the measurement by embedding into a hole, 2 mm in diameter, bored from the top head of the bolt.

Major Properties

Materials Resistive element CuNi alloy foil
Materials Base Polyimide
Operating temperature in combination with major adhesives after curing (°C) EP-370: Normal temperature to 50ºC
Operating temperature in combination with major leadwire cables (°C)
Self-temperature-compensation (°C)
Applicable linear expansion coefficients (×10-6/℃) 11
Strain limits at normal temp. (approx. %)
Fatigue lives at normal temp. (times)

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KFB120Ω Uniaxial (For axial tension of bolt measurement)

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Model Dimensions (mm) Remarks
Grid Base
Length Width Length Width
KFB-1.5-120-C20-11 N5C2 1.5 5 φ1.9
KFB-3-120-C20-11 N5C2 3 11.5 φ1.9

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Drill diameter φ2