Foil Strain Gage for Hydrogen Gas Environment



KFV is a foil strain gage that enables stable strain measurement under high-pressure hydrogen gas environment. The metal foil of conventional foil strain gages has the electric resistance changed by receiving hydrogen effect, thereby disabling stable strain measurement. KFV strain gage receives less electric resistance change due to hydrogen, thereby enabling stable strain measurement.

Major Properties

Materials Resistive element FeCr alloy foil
Materials Base Polyimide
Operating temperature ranges in combination with major adhesives after curing (°C) PC-600: -30 to 80ºC
Operating temperature ranges in combination with major leadwire cables (°C) Polyester-coated wire: -30 to 80ºC
Selftemperature-compensation range (°C) -
Applicable linear expansion coefficient (×10-6/℃) -
Strain limit at room temp. (approx. %) -
Fatigue life at room temp., approx. (times) -

Products table

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KFV350Ω Uniaxial


Model Dimensions (mm) Remarks
Grid Base
Length Width Length Width
KFV-2-350-C1 2 3.2 6 5

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