Entrusted Calibration Services

KYOWA can be entrusted with calibration of sensors and measuring instruments to surely manage the facilities and maintain their accuracy. For calibration KYOWA uses highly-reliable reference instruments that are traceable to national standards and can issue calibration certificates, traceability system charts and test records.
The calibration services are offered by Kyowa Service Center, Ltd., a Kyowa Group company.

Major Test and Inspection Facilities

  • Specific secondary standard instruments room (23°C, 50% RH)
  • Calibrator room (23°C, 50% RH)
  • Thermo-hydrostatic room (−30 to +80°C, 20 to 95% RH)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test room (shielded room)
  • Electric vibration test equipment
  • (Excitation force: Sine wave 49 kN, random wave 34 kN)
  • Impact teser (Receiving capacity 90 kg)
  • Thermal shock tester (−70 to +200°C)
  • Accelerated fatigue life test equipment
  • Dust tester
  • Copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray test
  • Electron microscope (X-ray analyzer)
  • 3-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument
  • Surface shape measuring equipment
  • Gage factor calibrator (conforming to NAS 942)
  • Operating lever force tester (20 kN, 200 kN)
  • Actual load force tester (200 N, 2 kN, 5 kN)
  • Compression tester (10 MN)
  • Universal tester (50 kN, 500 kN)
  • Load fatigue tester (200 kN)
  • Highly-accurate pressure calibrator (100 MPa)
  • Automated gas pressure calibrator (45 MPa abs.)
  • Weight pressure meter (200 kPa to 300 MPa)
  • Class-1 reference weights (1 mg to 20 kg)
  • Class-3 reference weight (100 kg)
  • Pressure fatigue tester (5 MPa, 100 MPa)
  • Acceleration calibrator (19,614 m/s2)
  • Frequency response test equipment
  • Dynamic balance tester (100 kg)
  • Highly-rigid torque transducer calibrator
  • High-capacitance torque transducer calibrator
  • Automated strain amplifier inspection equipment
  • Automated static strain measuring instrument inspection equipment
  • Multi-function calibrator (voltage, current and resistance)

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