Demonstrating the future through measurement.

Kyowa Electronic Instruments will create the future envisioned by our customers a reality with the measurement technology we have cultivatedsince our founding in 1949 and the ingenuity of each of our employees.


Kyowa Electronic InstrumentsLooking to the Future

Kyowa Electronic Instruments supports the safety of society and life in the field of stress measurement in order to build a safe world in these uncertain and complicated times, and contribute to the creation of a secure future.

The Future of Kyowa Electronic Instruments


Creating safety for a secure future

Since its founding, Kyowa Electronic Instruments has always been ahead of the times and supported the future envisioned by our customers through stress measurement. We will continue to look to the future in making measurements so that the new value created from our customers' endeavors will spread around the world safely and securely.

Continuing to ensuring safety in our daily lives

To protect everyday life. Supporting social infrastructure through measurement

Pioneering the next era through research and development of the latest technology


Turning "uncertainty into clarity"

Stress measuring instrument.

We do not only design and manufacture sensors, devices,

and software that can consistently handle stress measurement from beginning to end, but also propose comprehensive system packages that integrate all of them.


Always looking to the future

75 years of continuous support

Since our founding, we have continued to support the realization of the future envisioned by our customers from behind the scenes, and have created history together with them.


Success in the prototype production of strain gages, and their first commercialization in Japan

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