Monitor Unit



●Monitoring any 8-channel data
●Touching the panel to control the EDX-100A and EDX-200A
●Setting channel conditions
 (Measure ON/OFF, channel modes, measuring range, LPF, sampling frequencies, etc.)
●Confirming recorded data on the spot

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Monitor Unit



Applicable Recorders EDX-100A and EDX-200A (Max 3 units in sync)
Display LCD: 5.7" color TFT
320 x 240
Touchscreen: Analog resistive film type
Power LED: ON
Display Contents Y-time graph: Max. 8 channels.
It is not possible to select some channels over several EDXs that is in synchronous operation.

Numeric monitoring: Max. 8 channels.
It is not possible to select some channels over several EDXs that is in synchronous operation.

Data confirmation: Max. 8 channels
Control Items Measuring items:
 Monitor start (MONITOR)
 Stop (STOP)
 Record (REC)
 Balance (BAL)

Channel conditions:
 Measuring range
 Switching modes

Measuring conditions:
 Sampling frequencies
Other Functions EMON-20A settings:
 Language (Japanese/English)
 Background color (black/white)
 Operating beep (ON/OFF)
 Back light (lightning time)
 Network settings
 Pre-set values initialization

Measuring unit information:
 EDX model
 The number of EDX units
 EDX version
 EDX IP address
 EDX subnet mask
 Conditioner card model
Power Supply 10 to 36 VDC or a dedicated AC adapter
Current Consumption At 12 V: 450 mA or less
At 24 V: 200 mA or less
Dimensions 166 W × 29 H × 128.5 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 550 g
Vibration Resistant 29.4 m/s2 (3 G), 5 to 200 Hz
Shock Resistance 147.0 m/s2 (15 G), 11 ms or less
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Applicable Conditioner Cards Strain/Voltage/Acceleration Measurement Card CVM-40A, CVM-41A
Strain/Voltage Measurement Card CDV-40B/A, CDV-40B/A-F
Dynamic Strain Amplifier Card DPM-42B/A, DPM-42B/A-F, DPM-42B-I, DPM-42B-I-F
Thermocouple Card CTA-40A
F/V Converter Card CFV-40A
Charge Amplifier Card CCA-40A, CCA-40A-F
Strain/Voltage Measurement Isolation Card CDV-44AS
Constant Current Amplifier Card CDA-44AS, CDA-45AS
AD Converter Card AD-40AS, AD-40AS-F
*For custom-designed products, contact us.
Applicable Cards for Data Monitoring CAN Card: CAN-41A
*For custom-designed products, contact us.
Standard Accessories Connection cable (Approx. 5 m)
Optional Accessories AC adapter UIA345-12 (For U.S.A.: UNI345-1238)
DC power cable P-76 (2 m)



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*Requires the EDX-100A/200A firmware version 02.00 or higher.

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