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Max. Number of Measuring Channels

  • 1
  • 2 to 10
  • 11 to 50
  • 51 to 100
  • 101 to 300
  • 301 to 1000
  • 1001 or more

Max. Sampling Frequency

  • ≤50 Hz (scanning method)
  • ≤50 Hz
  • 51 Hz to 10 kHz
  • 11 kHz to 100 kHz
  • 100 kHz or more

Applicable Sensor

  • Strain gages
  • Strain-gage transducers
  • DC voltage-output sensors
  • DC current-output sensors
  • Thermocouples
  • Platinum resistance thermometer sensors
  • Piezoelectric acceleration transducers
  • CAN
  • Pulse (frequency) counters
  • Potentiometer sensors
  • Differential transformer transducers
  • Sliding resistance transducers
  • Optical Fiber Sensors


  • 1-channel
  • 2-channel
  • Telemeter
  • Multi-channel
  • Other

Bridge Excitation

  • Carrier
  • DC

Applicable Sensors

  • Strain gages
  • Strain-gage transducers
  • DC voltage-output sensors
  • Thermocouples
  • Piezoelectric acceleration transducers
  • Pulse (frequency) counters
  • Potentiometer sensors
  • Differential transformer transducers


  • Amplifier
  • Checker
  • Other

Sampling Rate

  • <2000 times/s
  • ≥2000 times/s
  • No AD conversion


  • Analog output
  • DA converter
  • BCD
  • RS-232C
  • RS-485
  • CC-Link


  • Remote sensing
Product image Type Description

Instrumentation Amplifier
・Waveform comparators
・Various hold functions
・Absolute pressure measurement by numeric value registering calibration
・SD card available
・High-speed sampling: 4000 times/s

Instrumentation Amplifier
· CC-Link optional available
· High-performance processing (Sampling speed: 4000 times/s, 24-bit AD converter)
· Substantial comparison and Judgment functions (Extra high, high, OK, low, and extra low)
· Analog output (DA)
· Display: -99999 to 99999

Instrumentation Amplifier
· Wide no-load zero adjustment range (±2 mV/V)
· High/low limit comparators
· Indicated value is output in a voltage range of 0 to 10 V or in a current range of 4 to 20 mA.
· Up to 4 transducers with 350 Ω bridge resistance connected in parallel.

Instrumentation Amplifier
· Key lock to prevent wrong operation
· Suitable excitation voltage for transducer is selectable
· Built-in remote sensing detection circuit enables highly accurate measurement

Instrumentation Amplifier
· 3 sensitivity registration modes (Actual load calibration, sensitivity-registered calibration, numerical value-registered calibration)
· Selectable 4 high/low limit patterns in memory
· Level test with desired set-value

Instrumentation Amplifier
· High-speed sampling: 2000 times/s
· 2-analog output: Simultaneous voltage and current output, individual scaling
· Peak hold: 5 types of peak hold
· 3 sensitivity registrations: actual load calibration, sensitivity registration calibration, numerical value registration calibration

WGA-200A Series
Instrumentation Amplifier
· Voltage output, current output, and remote-sensing are standard feature.
· Compact and robust
· Dustproof and drip proof

Carrier Type Instrumentation Amplifier
· Strong against inverter noise.
· Output of voltage or current is switchable

Instrumentation Amplifier
· Bridge excitation, sensitivity, calibration value and frequency response are switchable.
· Available in 2 types: Manual balance and auto balance

Instrumentation Amplifier
· Bridge excitation, sensitivity, calibration values and frequency response are switchable.
· Available in 2 types: Manual balance and auto balance

4-channel Instrumentation Amplifier
· Up to 4 units of 350 Ω strain-gage type transducers connected independently to respective amplifier circuits.
· Switchable indicated value, channel to channel or the total
· Analog voltage output of all channels and the total
· High/low limit comparator for the total value
· High-speed output suitable for control, I/O delay approx. 10 ms
· Sensor check and self-test functions
· Indication range-19999 to 19999 with decimal point anywhere

Indicator for Voltage-Output Type Sensors
· 2.4-inch full color display
· Measurement Channel: 2 (Analog and pulse each)
· Sampling Rate: 100 times/s max. (Voltage and current)
· Able to place vertically or horizontally depending on what suits best for your needs.

Compact Digital Indicator
●Backlight enables usage even in dark places.
●Displays data in 5 digits, units, status, and low power.
●Measures 2.5 Hz phenomena at 50 Hz sampling speed.
●WDS-191AS1E records data in CSV format.

Sensor Checker
· Strain, I/O resistance or insulation resistance can be measured individually by pressing relative one key
· Enables to output strain values
· TEDS compliant
· Operates on 2 pieces of AA size dry cells

Strain Generator
· Generated strain level is determined by setting of 2 dials.
· Remote sensing possible
· No power supply is required

Junction Box
· General Junction Box
· For connecting extension cable of a load cell or junction of multi-load cells
· Applicable cable: φ10 to φ11 (15C)

Junction Box
· General Junction Box
· For connecting extension cable of a load cell or junction of multi load cells
· Applicable cable: φ7 to φ8 (10B)

Junction Box
· Pressure-resistant and explosion proof Junction Box, ignition degree d2G4
· For connecting extension cable of a load cell or junction of multi load cells
· Applicable cable: φ10 to φ11, please specify the cable diameter.
DPM-900 Series

DPM-900 Series
Strain Amplifier
· Built-in HPF cancels the effect of temperature drift
· Digital switch makes it easily to confirm the setting values even power off.
· High voltage output of ±10 V and high SN ratio
· Broad frequency response DC to 10 k Hz (913C)
· Input Open Detection Function (913C)
DPM-950 Series

DPM-950 Series
Strain Amplifier
· Robust against inverter noise.
· Built-in HPF cancels the effect of temperature drift
· Digital switch makes it easily to confirm the setting values even power off.
· High voltage output of ±10 V and high SN ratio

Signal Conditioner
· High sensitivity (Up to 10000 times)
· Fast response (DC to 500 kHz)
· Long-distance testing
  (CDA-900A can measure up to 2 km)
· Excellent nonlinearity (Within ±0.01%FS)
· Universal power supply
  (100 to 240 VAC or 10.5 to 15 VDC)

DC Amplifier
· 2 channels per unit
· Built-in LPF
· Allowable common mode voltage ±300 V and allowable max. input voltage ±110 V
· Voltage calibration function
MRS-100 Series

MRS-100 Series
Digital Telemeter
・Easy operation without PC after initial setting
・Quarter-bridge 2-wire system, 3-wire system, and full-bridge system support
・Up to 64 channels in a system
・Certified in radio law in Japan, the USA, China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, EU
 (Depends on models)
・Hours of continuous use: Max. 34 h
 (1ch-Strain Transmitter using LR03EJ, AAA cell × 2)

Online Conditioner System
Excluding the items on the following products table, all products are no longer in production.

Multi Signal Conditioner
• Easy operation greatly reduces the working hours.
• 4-digit CAL switch.
• Hardly affected by noise.
• Various fixing fixtures and handles.
• You can set and control the MCF-B from your PC.
• Input Open Detection Function (DPM-91A/92A)

CDV-400B Series
Compact Signal Conditioner
· 5 different kinds of conditioner units are available for the user's measurement purpose.
· Signals of multiple units can be output from a concentrated connector.
· Simultaneous calibration of all channels is possible

UCAM-60C M14, UCAM-65C M14
Data Logger
・Saving the long-term saving measured results to the built-in memory (Approx. 1.8 GB)
・USB memory ensures easy data collection
・Up to 1000 channels measurement
 (With external scanners USB-70B series)
・Measurement up to 20000 ×10-6 strain with a resolution of 0.1 ×10-6 strain (With full bridge system)
・All-in-one measuring instrument (UCAM-60C M14)
・Online data logger fully controlled from the PC (UCAM-65C M14)

Fast Data Logger
· Synchronous sampling of all channels
· Synchronously sample at 50 Hz for 1000 channels
· 5 types of measuring units available

Medium Speed Network Terminal Box
· CAN interface
· Measurement of large strain (300 k ×10-6 strain)
· Strain, voltage, and thermocouple units provided
NTB-100/200 Series

NTB-100/200 Series
Network Terminal Box
· Network output conforms with to CAN, enables a single wire connection
· Digitized data transmission thereby strong against noise
· Compact & lightweight, so easy to install on site

Handy Data Logger
· Built-in bridge circuit for direct connection of a strain gage
· Wide measuring range: ±300 k ×10-6 strain
· Driven by AA batteries

Sensor Interface
· Input signals of strain or voltage can be selected channel by channel.
· 4 unit synchronous sampling using the Stacking Connector Set ST-1A (Optional accessory)
· TEDS compatible (UI-10A and UI-11A)
· Sampling frequency: Max. 10 kHz

Sensor Interface
· 4 unit synchronous sampling using the connection connector set ST-1A (Optional accessory)
· TEDS compatible (UI-10A and UI-11A)
· Sampling frequency: Max. 10 kHz
CTRS-100 Series

CTRS-100 Series
Compact Recorder
· Modular type for easy expansion and up to 128 channels
· High installation and flexibility
· Shock resistance: 490 m/s2 (50 G)
· All channels synchronous 20 kHz (For 4 channels)
 Measurement of 1 channel at max. 100 kHz
· Wireless real-time monitoring is possible
 (When using wireless LAN unit)
· CAN FD compatible
 (When using CAN unit)

EDX-10 Series
Compact Recording System
· Compact & lightweight
· With stacked connection, no synchronization cable is required, therefore wiring-saving.
· Max. sampling frequency 20 k Hz for 4 channels of a single measuring unit in sync.
· Sensors are easily connected with one-touch input cables or input adapters.

Universal Recorder
· Available with 1, 2 and 4 slots
· LAN port for establishing multichannel network
 (Max. 256 channels)

Universal Recorder
・Incorporated real-time digital filter.
 8th digital filter enables acquisition of clear waveform.
・High-speed/low-speed dual sampling
 Measurement of high-speed and low-speed phenomena while reducing data quantities is possible.
・All channels synchronous 10 kHz high-speed sampling (For 32 channels)
 Measurement of 3 channels synchronous at max. 100 kHz
・EDX-200A-4T can operate under high or low temperature range -20 to 65ºC
・One-wire synchronous (Except EDX-200A-1)
 With a maximum of 8 units, large scale measurements in distributed arrangement can be supported.

Memory Recorder/Analyzer
· High-speed sampling at 200 kHz/32 channels
· Up to 80 input channels
· Simultaneous recording of measuring data and video
· Conditioner cards selectable for specific applications
· Effective real-time processing capability
Conditioner Cards

Conditioner Cards for EDX Series
· Conditioner cards for EDX-100A, EDX-200A, and EDX-5000A.
· EDX-5000A does not support CAN card CAN-41A.

EDX-200A-2H/4H/4T Option Cards
· Measures CAN data and GPS information.
· With 8-bit digital I/O

Digital Strain Recorder
· Suitable for long-term measurement in the absence of personnel under the environment without external power supply
· Small & lightweight 1-channel model
· Equipped with a display used to confirm setting conditions and measured values
· Easy to collect data by USB memory

Digital Strain Recorder
· Display is provided to enable confirmation of setting conditions and measured values.
· Data can easily be collected in USB memory.
· No control software required. Keys are provided for operation as an independent unit.
· Measurement with thermocouples possible (K, T)
· Compact & lightweight 10-channel model

Monitor Unit
●Monitoring any 8-channel data
●Touching the panel to control the EDX-100A and EDX-200A
●Setting channel conditions
 (Measure ON/OFF, channel modes, measuring range, LPF, sampling frequencies, etc.)
●Confirming recorded data on the spot