Combined G-resistant Data Logger

  • TEDS


· Shock resistant 196m/s2 (20G) or more
· Applicable for measurement of static and dynamic phenomena alternately
· A/D converter 16 bits
· Max. sampling frequency is 100 kHz for 1 channel each unit, and synchronous sampling at 5 kHz for 128 channels


The MCA-200A is a G resistant measuring instrument. It can measure strain, voltage, and temperature (Thermocouples) for up to 256 channels.

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Combined G-resistant data logger

  • TEDS


Channels Up to 32 channels (4 slots)
Analog Input Provided by optional conditioner cards
Sampling Frequencies
Sampling Methods Synchronous sampling of all channels
Sampling Frequency Series 1-2-5 series: 1 Hz to 100 kHz
2n series: 2 Hz to 65536 Hz
Sampling Frequencies (1-2-5 series) 1 Hz to 100 kHz for 1-channel measurement
1 Hz to 50 kHz for 3-channel measurement
1 Hz to 20 kHz for 8-channel measurement
1 Hz to 10 kHz for 16-channel measurement
1 Hz to 5 kHz for 32-channel measurement
Data Storage CF card
(128 MB to 8 GB; 45 × speed or faster)
Up to 2 GB data for 1 time of measurement
Setting Conditions Online : From the PC via LAN
Saving Conditions Amplifier setting conditions and measuring conditions are saved in the internal nonvolatile memory, enabling immediate setup with previous conditions upon power-on.
Measuring Modes Manual, trigger, or interval
Manual : Data recording is manually started or stopped when data is recorded to a preset number of measure data.
Trigger : Data recording is automatically started when the preset trigger condition is satisfied.
Interval : Data recording is periodically made at preset intervals.
Manual Start/Stop of Date Recording Possible from the PC or from the dedicated remote control unit
Balance Adjustment Strain input channels can be balanced from the PC.
Saved Data Format Kyowa standard format KS2, which is analyzed by the optional Data Analysis Software DAS-200A.
Collecting Data LAN port enables online data transfer to the PC, while CF card enables offline data transfer.
TEDS Only when using online control from a PC
Conditioner cards: CDV-40B (-F),
DPM-42B (-F), CCA-40A (-F)
Synchronous Operation Synchronous cable enables cascade connection of up to 8 units of the MCA-200A. While data is recorded as a separate file in the CF card, each data is transferred online or offline and combined to one file.
Analog Output Except for CDV-40B (-F), conditioner cards provide an analog output connector, enabling voltage monitoring (5 V FS).
CF Card Slot 1 (For data acquisition and condition setting)
Communication Ports LAN
Connector: RJ45 modular jack
Operation Switches ID: Set ID number of MCA
Indicators Operation status indicator LEDs: 6
Channel status indicator LEDs: The number of
channels provided.
External Control Connectors CONT IN and CONT OUT (For remote control and synchronous operation)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50ºC
Operating Humidity 20 to 90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature −20 to 60ºC
Vibration Resistant ±29.42 m/s2 (3 G) , 5 to 55 Hz, (When operating) , ±49.03 m/s2 (5 G), 5 to 55 Hz (When not operating)
Impact Resistant 196.1 m/s2 (20 G) /11 ms
Compliance Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC)
Safety Standards IEC61010-1(Installation category Ⅱ, pollution degree 2)
Power Supply 10 to 18 VDC.
Connector: RM12BRD -4PH (Hirose).
DC power supply or optional dedicated adapter is required.
Current Consumption Approx. 2.8 A (When operated on 12 VDC with 4 CDV-40B cards mounted and full load applied)
Dimensions 165 W ×150 H ×265 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 10 kg (10.5 kg with 4 CDV-40B cards mounted)
Standard Accessories Power cable P-76
CF card
DVD (Dynamic Data Acquisition Software DCS-100A)
Optional Accessories Synchronous cable N-95 (2 m)
Ac adapter UIA 345-12



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To Ensure Safe Usage

For LAN connection
Use 2 straight cables and a LAN hub.