Digital Strain Recorder


· Suitable for long-term measurement in the absence of personnel under the environment without external power supply
· Small & lightweight 1-channel model
· Equipped with a display used to confirm setting conditions and measured values
· Easy to collect data by USB memory


The RMH-301B is a battery-powered data collection device with low power consumption, suitable for long-tem measurement in the absence of personnel at the places without external power supply such as long-distance mountainous and heavy-snowfall area.

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Digital Strain Recorder


Channels 1
Applicable Transducer Strain-gage transducers
Strain-gage civil engineering transducers
Civil engineering transducer with a thermal sensor
Compatible Bridge Resistance 350 Ω (Full-bridge system)
Cable Length Max. 2.0 km
(4-conductor (0.5 mm2) shielded cable)
Gage Factor 2.00 fixed
Bridge Current Approx. 2.19 mA DC (Constant current)
Temperature Measurement Current Approx. 0.24 mA DC (Constant current)
Measuring Range Strain: ±20000 ×10-6 strain
Temperature: -30.0 to 70.0°C
Resolution Strain: 1 ×10-6 strain
Temperature: 0.1°C
Measuring Accuracy Strain: ±0.1%FS
Temperature: ±0.5°C
Data Storage Strain: 30720 times
Temperature: 30720 times
Strain + temperature: 20475 times
Clock Year (2 digits of the Gregorian calendar), month, date, hour, and minute
Measuring Interval 1 to 59 minutes (1 minute/step)
1 to 99 hours (1 hour/step)
Display LCD (16 digits×2 lines)
Operation Arrow keys
Interface USB1.1

Some models of USB memory may not collect data correctly.
For recommended models, please contact us
Power Supply 6 to 15 VDC, optional battery pack
Current Consumption During operation: 100 mA or less
Standby status: 100 μA or less
Input Specifications Bolt (M3)
Applicable press-fitted terminal: RAV, 1.25-3 or equivalent
Operating Temperature -20 to 50°C
(0 to 50°C for data collection)
Operating Humidity 10 to 95% (Non-condensing)
Operating Environment Dust or the inductive noise of a bulk motor must not be present.
Dimensions 112 W × 28 H × 66.5 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 180 g
Standard Accessories Instruction manual (CD-R)
Optional Accessories USB cable N-38 (1 m)
USB cable N-39 (2 m)
Battery Pack RB-5A (5 Ah)
Battery Pack RB-10A (10 Ah)
Control Software RMH-390A



Control Software


Operating Environment
OS Windows Vista® (32 bits, Japanese version)
Interface USB Interface (RMH-301B)
CD-ROM or DVD (For software installation)
CPU PentiumⅢ, 1 GHz or advanced
Memory Required RAM 512 MB or more
Hard Disk Hard disc capacity: 20 MB or more
(For installation, excluding that for data)

Spare capacity: 10 MB or more (Excluding that for saving measuring data)
Graphic High resolution video (Super VGA): 800 × 600 or more

Adapter and monitor: 1024 × 768

Full-color or more

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Control Software RMH-390A is Japanese version only.