Digital Strain Recorder


· Suitable for long-term measurement in the absence of personnel under the environment without external power supply
· Compact & lightweight 10-channel model
· Equipped with a display used to confirm setting conditions and measured values
· Easy to collect data via USB memory


The RMH-310A is a battery-powered data collection device with low power consumption, suitable for long-tem measurement in the absence of personnel at the places without external power supply such as long-distance mountainous and heavy-snowfall area.

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Digital Strain Recorder


Channels 10
Applicable Transducers Strain-gage civil engineering transducers
Civil engineering transducer with a thermal sensor
Strain-gage transducers
Thermocouples (Types K and T)
Applicable Bridge Resistance 350 Ω (Full bridge System)
Cable Length Max. 2.0 km (4-conductor (0.5 mm2) shielded cable)
Gage Factor 2.00 fixed
Bridge Current Approx. 2.19 mA DC (Constant current)
Measuring Range Strain ±20000 ×10-6 strain
Temperature (Civil engineering transducer with a thermal sensor) -30.0 to 70.0°C
Temperature (Thermocouple)
K: -200 to 1200 °C
T: -200 to 350°C
Resolution Strain 1 ×10-6 strain
Temperature (Civil engineering transducer with a thermal sensor) 0.1°C
Temperature (Thermocouple) 0.1°C
Accuracy Strain ±0.1% FS
Temperature (Civil engineering transducer with a
thermal sensor) ±0.5°C
Temperature (Thermocouple) (Reference value)
±(0.1% of reading +1.0)°C
Internal point-of-contact compensator: Within ±2.0°C
(At the time of an input terminal temperature balance)
The accuracy of an internal reference point-of-contact compensator and accuracy of a thermocouple are not included in measurement accuracy.
Temperature Stability Strain
Zero point Within ±1 ×10-6 strain/°C
Sensitivity Within ±0.02%/°C
Temperature (Civil engineering transducer with a thermal sensor)
Zero point Within ±0.025%FS/°C
Sensitivity Within ±0.04%/°C
Temperature (Thermocouple)
Zero point Within ±0.025%FS/°C
Sensitivity Within ±0.04%/°C
Measurement Time Within 40 s/10 channels (Scanning)
Temperature Measurement Current 0.24 mA DC (Constant current)
Data Storage 32000 times/channel
Clock Year (2 digits of the Gregorian calendar), month, date, hour, and minute
Measuring Interval 1 to 59 minutes (1 minute/step)
1 to 99 hours (1 hour/step)
Check Functions Sensor check (Parallel resistance method and
during strain measurement)
Battery voltage
Memory check
Display LCD (20 digits × 4 lines, with no back light)
Display Functions The contents of the data below are displayed on LCD.
Measurement state, current time, data acquisition, real-time monitor, measurement start, measurement stop, condition setting, self-check, date setting, backup data collection, and version display
Operation Arrow keys, ON/OFF, SET, ESC
Interface USB 2.0 (Only saved in USB memory)
Power Supply 6 to 15 VDC, optional battery pack
Current Consumption During operation: 100 mA or less
Standby status: 100 μA at 6 VDC
Input Specifications M3 terminals for both solder and screw
Number of Measurement Times 7000 times or more (When measuring at intervals of 10 minutes at 23ºC using the optional RB-10A battery pack [10 Ah])
Operating Temperature -20 to 50ºC (Varies depending on the operating temperature range when using USB memory)
Operating Humidity 10% to 95% RH
Operating Environment Dust or the inductive noise of a bulk motor must not be present.
Dimensions 170 W × 230 H × 60 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight 2 kg or less (Excluding the battery)
Others Lightning surge protector provided (SD4-75)
Standard Accessories Battery cable (For battery pack other than RB-10A)
USB memory for collection data
(Industrial temperature range extended model)
*Auxiliary tool , instruction manual, specifications, outside
drawings are saved in the provided USB memory.
Menu sheet
Optional Accessories Battery pack RB-5A (5Ah), RB-10A (10Ah)


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