Instrumentation Amplifier

  • TEDS



· High-speed sampling: 2000 times/s
· 2-analog output: Simultaneous voltage and current output, individual scaling
· Peak hold: 5 types of peak hold
· 3 sensitivity registrations: actual load calibration, sensitivity registration calibration, numerical value registration calibration


The WGI-470AS1 is a compact and high-speed sampling Instrumentation Amplifier which has optimized functions required for measurement in combination with strain-gage transducers.

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Instrumentation Amplifier

  • TEDS
Models WGI-470AS1-00: No option
WGI-470AS1-01: BCD output
WGI-470AS1-02: RS-232C
WGI-470AS1-03: RS-485


Channels 1
Applicable Transducers Strain-gage transducers
Compatible Bridge Resistance 87.5 to 1000 Ω
(350 Ω, 4 in parallel connection)
Bridge Excitation 2 VDC, 10 VDC, switchable
Measuring Range ±3.2 mV/V
(Including zero adjustment range)
Zero Adjustment Range Within measuring range
(Not retained when power supply interrupted)
Sampling Speed 2000 times/s
Resolution 64000 counts/input range in both polarities
Calibration Functions Actual load calibration
Sensitivity registration calibration
Numerical value registration calibration
Display Functions Main display: 5 digits (±99999), polar LED

Sub display: 1 digit (9)

Update speed: 0.13, 0.25, 0.51, 1.02, 2.03, 4.07, 8.16, and 16.28 s
(Thinning display)

Comparative determination: 3 points (HIGH, OK, LOW)

Status display: 2 points (HOLD, LOCK)
Nonlinearity Within ±(0.02%FS ±1 digit)
Stability Zero point: ±0.25 μV RTI /ºC
Sensitivity: ±0.01%/ºC
Smoothing Functions Minimum scale : 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 counts
Moving average : 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, and 2024 times
Filters : 10, 30, 100 Hz and FLAT
Comparison/Judgment Functions Comparators : 2 points (HIGH, LOW)
Hysteresis : Individual width settings possible
Comparison mode : Normal/at hold
Judgment : 1 point
Pattern Functions Registers 4 groups of pattern files (comparative values) and enables switching through setting of functions.
Adding Functions Setting range: ±99999
Original Value Display Functions ±3.20000 mV/V (6 digits)
Accuracy: ±0.1%FS
Level Test Functions Display of arbitrary values possible
Hold Functions Digital peak hold
Arbitrary point hold
Peak hold
Section definition hold
Time specification hold
Time specification continuous peak hold
Analog Output Simultaneous dual output of voltage & current

Data update: 2000/s
(For simultaneous use of voltage and current, 1000/s)

Voltage output: ±10 V, independent arbitrary scaling possible

Current output: 4 to 20 mA, independent arbitrary scaling possible
Automatic settings with rated capacity fully scaled possible
(At sensitivity registration, at automatic sensitivity registration)

Nonlinearity: Within ±0.1%FS
TEDS Automatic sensitivity registration by reading TEDS data
Automatic sensitivity registration by reading TEDS files
Control Input 4 points:
 Zero command
 Level test command
 Hold command
 Reset command
Control Output 3 points:
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C
Operating Humidity 20 to 85%
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, 22 VA or less
Dimensions 96 W × 48 H ×144 D mm
Panel-cut Dimensions 92.2+0.4/-0mm W ×45.2+0.4/-0mm H
Plate thickness 0.8 to 5.0 mm recommended
Weight Approx. 400 g
Standard Accessories Unit seal
Instruction manual


Instrumentation Printer


Power Supply 442B-K01-A:100 to 240 VAC
442B-K01-D:24 VDC  24 VDC ±10%


Printing System Thermal line dot
Printing Speed Approx. 22.5 mm/s, 6 lines/s
Characters per Line 24
Calendar Clock 6-digit red LED, hour: minute: second
Characters Alphanumerics, symbols, etc.
Character Size 2 x 2 mm
Character Structure 16 x 16 dots
Print Width 46 mm
Paper Feed Pitch 3.75 mm
Print Paper 58 mm W × 25 m L
Roll diameter: 48 mm
Thermal paper: 5860-0110, 10 rolls/pack
Date-time Printed Year/month/day and hour: minute: second
Printed Channels CH00 to CH99
Printing Directions Lister or Texter (Select either when ordering.)
Interval Print 5 seconds to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.
External command or automatic print
Message 14 kinds (OVER, HIGH, LOW, GOOD, NG, etc. with BCD input)
Units Approx. 250 kinds
Input Connectors IDEC JM1S-0603
IDEC JM1S-0803
Operating Temperature/Humidity 0 to 50ºC, 85% or less (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature –20 to 60ºC
Dimensions 96 W × 96 H x 165.5 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 700g
Standard Accessories Input cable with connector
1 paper roll
Optional Accessories AC power cable
 P-23 for 100 VAC
 P-28 for 200 VAC
Paper roll 5860-01 (10 rolls)

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