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・ Measurement Channel: 2 (Load and Displacement each)
・Waveform comparators
・High-speed sampling: 25000 times/s
・SD card available
・USB interface


The WP-120A is an waveform Indicator Type Instrumentation amplifier that displays load and displacement on single unit.

Released on April 3rd 2023 (JST)

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Sensor Input Specifications

Load Sensor Input
Bridge Voltage DC, 2.5/5/10 V, ±10%
(30 mA current maximum, can be used with remote sensing)
Signal Input Range Strain gauge sensor -3.2 mV/V to 3.2 mV/V
Calibration Calibration Range : 0.1m V/V to 3.0 mV/V
Calibration Method : Equivalent Input / Actual Load / TEDS
Linearize Function : Five-point tracking
Precision Linearity : Within 0.01% F.S. +1 digit (when input is 3.0 mV/V)
Zero Drift : Within 0.5 μ V/°C (input conversion value)
Gain Drift : Within ±0.005% F.S./℃
Filter Low Pass : OFF/3/10/30/100/300/1000 Hz (-6 dB/oct)
Moving Average : 0 / 2 to 2048 times
Auto Digital : Only digital value display (constant judgement)
A/D Conversion Sampling Rate : 5000 times per second, 25000 times per second
Resolution : 24-bit (binary)
TEDS Function IEEE1451.4, Supports 4K bit products, class 2 mix mode interface
Displacement Sensor Input
Pulse Type A/B phase or A phase, differential square wave (RS-422 conformance)
Maximum Input Freq. 2 MHz
Maximum Count Value 15,000,000
Calibration Method Equivalent Input / Actual Load
Moving Average Filter 0 / 2 to 2048 times
Power Supply for Sensor Driving 5 V(±10%), 150 mA Max.
Input Voltage Range ±5.2 V
Calibration Calibration Range : 0.1 to 5.2 V
Calibration Method : Equivalent Input / Actual Load
Precision Zero Drift : Within 0.005%F.S./°C
Gain Drift : Within 0.02%F.S./°C
Filter Low Pass : 10/30/100/300 Hz (-6 dB/oct)
Moving Average : 0 / 2 to 2048 times
A/D conversion Resolution : 24-bit (binary)
Power Supply for Sensor Driving 12 V DC(±10%), 250 mA Max.

Device Settings Specifications

Power Supply 24 V DC(±10%) 13 W, 100 to 240 V AC (AC adapter is optional)
Environment Temperature : 0°C to 40°C (Operating) / -20°C to 60°C (Storage)
Humidity : 85% RH or less (without condensation)
Dimensions Approx. 114 x 96 x 140 mm (protrusions not included)
Weight About 960 g
Applicable Standards EMC : FCC (class A)
Operating Temperature Range Safety : CE marking, UL61010-1, UKCA marking
Display 4.3 inch LCD color resistive touch panel
Display Range -32000 to +32000
Screen Digital load value, Waveform, Archive data, Setting
Waveform Y-axis
80 ms*/170 ms*/400 ms/800 ms/2.0 s/4.0 s/10.0 s/30.0 s/60.0 s/120.0 s *
cannot be selected when the sampling frequency is set to 5 kHz.


Load (STD) / Load and displacement (biaxially)
Comparison Waveform Band Judgement : Offset reference band / Designated value band
Comparison Judgement : Load : HH / HI / OK / LO / LL
Displacement : HI / OK / LO
Hold Setting : Constant comparison, sampling, peak, bottom, peak to peak, maximum / minimum, inflection point and average value
Beep Function : Sounding when judgements are not OK (ON / OFF Switchable)
Measurement Work Settings Number of Works : 16 (Work can be copied)
Switching : External input signal / manual
Data Recording Built-in memory (up to 70) or SD cards
D/A Converter Output Range : Isolated, Current (4 – 20 mA), Voltage (-10 V to +10 V )
Conversion Rate : Same as A/D converting rate
Resolution : Current output: about 1/43000, Voltage output: about 1/59000 (when set to ±10 V)
Impedance : 350 Ω or less (Current output) / 2k Ω or more (Voltage output)
Communication Interface RS-232C (D-sub 9-pin), USB
Control Input / Output Signal (Photocoupler Insulation) Input Signal : Differential pulse displacement sensor (A phase, B phase), Back light On/Off, Touch panel lock, Reset, Work select, Hold zone select, Clear, Judgement On/Off, Measurement Start/End, Preset displacement, Digital zero

* Signals are input when shorted/opened between any input terminal and the COM terminal.

Output Signal : Load judgement (HH/HI/OK/LO/LL), Displacement judgement (HI/OK/LO), Load cell error, Unit error, Measurement Completed, Trigger (1, 2), Band judgement (HI/OK/LO)

* NPN open collector (Sync type)
* Maximum Current: 20 mA / Voltage: 30 V
Check Functions Load cell check (static strain / interruption detection), Contact terminal check
Date and Time Setting Date (YYYY/MM/DD, etc.) / time can be set
Recording Media SD / SDHC (2 to 32GB, class 10 recommended)
Optional Accessories AC adapter UNI324-2410-CT



AC Adapter for 24 VDC supply

Object Product Model WD-100A, WP-120A

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