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Filtering Filter data of each assigned region with the proper digital filter which conforms to SAE J211.
Types of filters: CFC60, 180, 600, 1000, FIR100
Measuring regions Assign regions of dummy to proper measuring channels.
Unit Conversion Convert measured data to values in engineering units based on amplifier range, calibration value and the calibration factor of sensor.
Setting Test Conditions Set impact configuration, impact purpose, number of mounted dummies, types of dummy, dummy mounting positions, vehicle data, etc
Calculation Processing Perform arithmetic operation between waveforms, cut the secondary peak, offset waveform or differentiate/integrate through selection of the menu option.
Calculation of Injury Ratings Calculate injury ratings based on standardized criteria for each test method and output test results, regular graph and various waveforms.
Major Injury Ratings
Frontal Impact Test Femur : Peak force
Head : Acceleration HIC(Head Injury Criterion)
Thorax : Acceleration cumulative 3ms G
Side Impact Test (EUROSID-1) Thorax : Displacement RDC(Rib Deflection Criterion), displacement VC(Vicous Criterion)
Head : Acceleration HPC(Head Performace Criterion)
Abdomen : Force APF(Abdominal Peak Force), force PSPF(Pubic Synphysis Peak Force)
Side Impact Test, US (DOT SID) Thorax : Acceleration TTI(Thorcic Trauma Index)
Pelvis : Acceleration Pelvis G

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