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Dummy Qualification Software

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Dummy Registration Program Register and manage sensors for respective regions by each individual dummy. Save each data file in CSV format which is readable with Excel, etc.
Data Presentation Program Filter data digitally and convert the filtered data to values in engineering units.
Process waveform and calculate analyzed value.
Present monitor graph for confirmation of recorded waveform.
Present/print analyzed results and waveforms/graphs.
Output dat
Main Qualification Program Present a tabulated qualification history of each individual dummy.
Record data synchronized with the dummy qualification tester.
Correspond to crash speed detection pulse.
Dummy Types
Types of Dummies (Desired ones are embedded to the System.) H-III 50% MALE、H-III 5% FEMALE、H-III 95% MALE、H-III 6YO CHILD、H-III 3YO CHILD、CRABI 12MO CHILD、DOT-SID SID/H-III、ES-2、ES-2re,SID-IIs、SID-IIsD、BioSID-IIC (For the other dummies, contact Kyowa or our representatives.)
Data Acquisition System KYOWA recommended amplifier/A-D converter or an onboard crash test measuring system in DIS series
(For synchronized operation of the data acquisition system and qualification tester, contact Kyowa or our representatives.)
OS MS-WindowXP or later
Disk Capacity 100MB or more (blank space)
Display 1024×768 pixels ,256 colors or more
Printer Windows compatible (A4 size)
Memory 2GB or more recommended

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