Sampling Moire Camera



Simplified remote XYZ-displacement measurement by using a camera

Minute displacement - including the depth direction of various structures - can be measured at high speeds for multiple points simultaneously with one camera.
Using this product makes it possible to perform remote/contactless monitoring of bridges and other large infrastructure structures.


●Acquisition of displacement information via high-speed imaging (maximum of 500 fps)
●Simultaneous measurement of up to 16 points possible with 1 camera
●Results can be checked immediately after making measurements.
●Support for synchronized measurement using up to 3 cameras
●Measurement using any period is possible.

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DSMC-100A-2 M1
Sampling Moire Camera



Resolution Grating pitch from 1/100 to 1/1000
(This depends on the grating's number of imaging pixels.)
Measurement Frame Rate 1 to 500 fps
(This depends on the number of processing areas, area size, and exposure time.)
Camera Specifications
Image Sensor 1-inch, 4-megapixel monochrome
CMOS image sensor
Effective Number of Pixels 2048 W × 2048 H
Gain Adjustment 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 2.8, 3.2
Lens Mount F mount
Interfaces USB 3.0
Power Supply 100 VAC
(12 VDC supplied by the AC adapter for camera DSMC-CP)
Dimensions 76 W × 63 H × 121 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Humidity: 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Weight Approx. 850 g
Image Processor Specifications
Output Data Measured image (6 bits/pixel)
Phase XY data (16 bits/pixel)
Sampling Pitch 3 to 31 pixels
Processing-area Size 64 pixels × 64 pixels to 2048 pixels × 2048 pixels
Number of Processable Areas Up to 16 areas
Measurement Settings The measurement parameters are specified by using the measurement control PC while it is connected using a USB 3.0 cable.
XYZ Displacement Image Measuring Software Specifications
Main Function ・ Acquiring reference images
・ Saving measurement data
・ Ongoing measurement displacement monitor (up to 9 simultaneous channels)
・ Measurement-result displacement monitor (up to 9 simultaneous channels)
Setting ・ Measurement parameters
・ Area (number of processing areas, size)
・ Measurement mode (normal measurement mode, periodic measurement mode)
・ Measurement time
・ Synchronized measurement by using a local controller (optional accessory)
Standard Accessories USB connection cable DSMC-3U
AC adapter for camera DSMC-CP
CD (Instruction manual, measuring software)
Measurement control PC
Optional Accessories Grating sheet DSMC-TG
Tripod camera fixing jig
Local controller
Bracket for telephoto lens devices DSMC-LB

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