Wind Pressure Measuring System


The measuring system simultaneously measures wind pressure changes of wind tunnel and performs data processing by multiple dedicated micro-pressure sensors.
For example, the system carries wind tunnel experiments on building models, predicts and improves the wind pressure suffered by buildings and the wind effect on surrounding buildings.
In addition, the system is used for measuring indoor air pressure distribution and for improving the living comfort by the ventilation method.


●Rated capacity of 2.5 kPa supports low-speed wind tunnels.
●Realizing measurement with excellent SN ratio and high resolution through the micro-pressure sensor signal amplified by each sensorʼs amplifier
●Supports both static and dynamic frequencies.
●The automatic calibration of micro-pressure sensor improves the measurement reliability and accuracy results.
●Able to customize the system, as each unit has extension feature.

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Wind Pressure Measuring System


Micro-pressure Sensor
Rated Capacity ±250 Pa
±500 Pa
Number of Sensors 32, up to 1024 are possible
Natural Frequencies 1.7 kHz or more
Rated Output ±4 V
Cut-off Frequencies To be specified during manufacturing
AD Converter
Resolution 16 bits
Simultaneous Sampling and Holding Device
  32, up to 1024 are possible
Data Processor
PC Windows® support PC
Calibrator of Micro-pressure Sensor
Calibration Methods Compare with a high-precision reference pressure sensor
Calibration Pressure 250 Pa
500 Pa
Function Test condition setting
Data acquisition
Pressure waveform display

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