Flat Wheel Detection System

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Flat Wheel Detection System


Wheel Detector Electromagnetic proximity switch x2 (For detection of approach and exit)
Impact Detector Accelerometer x4 (2 each for left and right crossties)
Output sensitivity: 2 V/490 m/s2 (50 G)
Frequency Response: DC to 800 Hz
Detection Object Flat wheel
Detection Range 1to 490 m/s2 (50 G)
Detection Possible Speed 20 to 120 km/h
Detection Possible number of vehicles 16 passenger cars or 40 freight cars
Car Number Identification By microwave-compatible ID tag mounted to a car of fixed set
Printing Contents Year/month/day and hour:minute:second
Number of cars
Order of cars (From the top)
Abnormal car number
Abnormal axle
Abnormal wheel by left and right
Impact acceleration
Power Supply 100 VAC

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