Portable Vehicle Weighing System



RWP-700A is a portable system to weigh and manage truck loads. It consists of the detectors that detect the truck weight by weighing the load of each wheel on the platform and the indicator that indicates, records and prints out the weighing result.
For measurement, place detectors in parallel on a flat pavement surface, put front wheels on the respective detector platforms at the center and press the MEASURE key. Repeat the same for rear wheels. Pressing the PRINT key prints out the weighing result. Different from a stationary truck scale that weighs a truck with the whole truck body put on the detector, the portable system is allowed to be carried anywhere for measurement not only in factories but also in construction fields where the road surface is solid.


· Integrated detector slope
· Integrated rugged handle
· Downsized lightweight indicator (built-in battery)
· USB memory for transferring data to PC
· Cable disconnection check function

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Portable Vehicle Weighing System



Basic System Composition Indicator: 1 unit
Detector: 2 units
Detector’s Weighing 500 to 7500 kg per unit
(Axle loads: 1000 to 15000 kg)
Number of Applicable Axles Up to 7

Detectors Specifications

Rated Loads 7500 kg per unit
Safe Loads 10000 kg per unit
Operating Temperature -10 to 60ºC
Dimensions Detector: 835 W x 35 H x 480 D mm
Loading section: 700 W x 26 H x 350 D mm
Weight Approx. 24 kg
Degree of Protection IP 67 (IEC 60529)

Indicator Specifications

Printout Contents Measuring year
Total truck load
Each axle load
Truck identification number
Indication Unit 10 kg
Measurement Modes Stop mode (Recommended)
Running mode (Max. 5 km/h)
Operating Temperature -10 to 40ºC
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Power Supply Built-in battery (For 8 h operation)
10 to 30 VDC, 100 to 240 VAC if AC adapter is used
Data Storage Internal memory stores data up to 1000 trucks.
(Data is transferred to a USB memory.)
Open Collector Output Busy
Interface RS-232C
Dimensions 348 W x 149 H x 295 D mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 3.7 kg
Standard Accessories Rubber sheets (2)
AC adapter for indicator
Housing case
Printer paper (2)
Indicator cable (5 m)
Detector cable (1.5 m)

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To Ensure Safe Usage

· This weighing system is the specified measuring equipment as provided in the Measurement Law in Japan.
(But it is not included in products requiring qualification.)
To ensure safe usage, periodical maintenance and calibration are recommended.

· Since it is a simplified system, the accuracy differs depending on the measuring place and method.
Thus, it is not intended to provide a certificate in commercial transaction.

· The RWP-700A is a weighing system which measures every axle load for estimating truck load.

· When charging the batteries of indicator, the operating temperature is 0 to 40°C.