Automatic Insertion Type Inclination Transducer



Applicable for deep underground measurement

BKA-2000B is designed for insertion in a guide pipe embedded in the ground or the structure,
continuously detects inclination angles, and measures lateral displacement. It is suitable for displacement measurement of ground and ground continuous wall, earth retaining wall measurement, or landslide measurement.
The automatic measurement system which has a 1-axis dedicated servo-type inclination transducer as a detector and automatically insert into the guide pipe, then automatically detects the inclined angles while rolling up. The measured results are displayed in graphs of accumulated lateral displacement etc. , so that allows the data to be confirmed on site, and to be saved.


●Operation on the touch panel
●CSV data file
●With warning contact output when abnormal occurred


・ Dedicated servo-type highly sensitive inclination transducer
・ Winding machine
・ Control section, acquisition section
・ Software for control display (Macro program in Excel)
・ Control PC, data conforming PC (Excluding LAN cables)
・ Standard Accessories: Instruction manual, AC power cable, ground wire, control cable