Soil Moisture Transducer


This transducer is suitable for measurement of soil moisture absorbing force and proper for management of plant cultivation
The BPT-A-80KPS is a soil moisture transducer designed to measure water pressure in a vessel equipped with a porous cup (porous ceramic tube) and filled with degassed water. If the soil around the embedded porous cup is dry, the soil absorbs water from the vessel via the porous cup. By measuring this negative pressure (water absorbing pressure), the amount of moisture in the soil is obtained. Thus, this transducer is applicable not only to check for possible landslide or grasp the stability of a banking but also to know changing soil moisture and proper irrigation time in plant cultivation.

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Rated Capacity -80 kPa
200 kPa for positive pressure
Nonlinearity Within ±0.5% RO
Hysteresis Within ±0.5% RO
Rated Output Approx. -0.8 mV/V
Environmental Characteristics
Safe Temperature 0 to 80ºC (Non-freezing)
Compensated Temperature 0 to 70ºC (Non-freezing)
Temperature Effect on Zero Within ±0.05% RO/ºC
Temperature Effect on Output Within ±0.05%/ºC
Electrical Characteristics
Safe Excitation 10 V AC or DC
Input Resistance 350 Ω ±2%
Output Resistance 350 Ω ±2%
Cable 4-conductor (0.5 mm2) chloroprene cable, 9.6 mm diameter by 1 m long, bared at the tip
(Shield wire is not connected to the case.)
Mechanical Properties
Safe Overloads 100%
Materials Stainless steel metallic finish (Excluding porous cup and level meter)
Weight Approx. 3.5 kg



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To Ensure Safe Usage

The BPT-A-80KPS is delivered with a vessel filled with degassed water. Never store it unused for a long period of time. Embed it upon pur chasing.