Multiaxial Bedrock Strain Transducers


Most suitable for analysis of stress conditions of bedrock natural ground
Designed for installation in a boring to detect strain in multiaxial directions inside bedrock, the BSM-44D-TX is useful to analyze stress conditions of the bedrock natural ground. Thus, it can be used for over-coring tests to measure bedrock stress changes or to seek initial stress conditions of the bedrock natural ground. By using a single unit of this transducer, three to six strain components can be measured, including one or two strain components in the axial direction of a boring and two to four strain components in a right-angled direction to the boring axis.
(CRIEPI Method)

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1 to 50 MPa


Measurement Components 4 components in right-angled directions to boring axis (0º, ±45º, 90º)
4 components in ±45º directions to boring axis
Rated Capacity ±1000μm/m (Each direction)
Safe Overloads 200%
Borehole Diameter φ46
Operating Temperature 0 to 30ºC
Cable Multiconductor cable (Length as specified by user)

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A temperature gage can be put in the packer to seek the effect of drilling heat in the over-coring pit.