Multi-gage Sensor


Suitable for measurement of 3-dimensional bedrock stress
This sensor is designed to measure three-dimensional bedrock stress with the borehole bottom strain release method. Strain gages are molded with resin. The sensor is bonded on the bottom wall of the borehole using a fixture and then subjected to over-coring to measure released strain.

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Bedrock Measurement


Methods Kumamoto University method
Gage Patterns 8 biaxial gages bonded (16 elements)
Model with 8 triaxial gages (24 elements) can be manufactured on request.
Models of Strain Gage KFGS-5-120-D16-11
Gage Resistance 120 Ω
Gage Factor Approx. 2.1
Gage Length 5 mm
Young’s Modulus of Mold Material 100 MPa
Borehole Diameter 65 mm

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●Compatible with the conical-ended borehole over-coring technique of The Japan Geotechnical Society
●Installation will be performed by a specialized company. Contact a KYOWA representative for details.