Seat Belt Tension Transducer

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Measuring Impact-Initiated Tesion of Seat Belt in Crash Tests

Using a strain gage, the LBT-A-20KNSA1-IDT detects the impact-initiated tension applied through the dummy to the seat belt.

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20 kN

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Rated Capacity 20 kN
Nonlinearity Within ±2% RO
Rated Output Approx. 2.5 mV/V
Environmental Characteristics
Safe Temperature 0 to 60ºC
Compensated Temperature 10 to 50ºC
Temperature Effect on Zero Within ±0.1% RO/ºC
Electrical Characteristics
Safe Excitation 10 V AC or DC
Recommended Excitation 1 to 5 V AC or DC
Input Resistance 350 Ω ±2%
Output Resistance 350 Ω ±2%
Insulation Resistance 500 MΩ or more (With 25 VDC applied)
Cable 4-conductor (0.08 mm2) vinyl shielded cable, 3.2 mm diameter by 7 m long, terminated with a connector plug 3RT01-PE7M (TEDS installed)
(Shield wire is not connected to the case.)
Mechanical Properties
Safe Overloads 100%
Enclosure Metallic finish
Material Aluminum alloy
Weight Approx. 130 g
Others Not waterproofed.
Single belt calibration (Our standand seat belt)



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Note) Characteristic values are based on our calibration methods and conditions.
*We accept calibration for the supplied seat belt.


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