Neck 6-component Force Transducer



Neck 6-Component Force Transducer for Dummy Neck Upper Parts
Mounted to the neck of a crash dummy such as Hybrid III, the LSM-E-5KNS1 simultaneously detects 6 force components acting to the neck by impactinitiated inertia force generating in the head.


●Conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 as a sensor to acquire data of injury criterion.

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Neck 6-component Force Transducer



Rated Capacity Fx: ±10 kN, shearing force in front-rear direction
Fy: ±10 kN, shearing force in left-right direction
Fz: ±15 kN, axial force in up-down direction
Mx: ±300 N・m, moment in left-right direction
My: ±300 N・m, moment in front-rear direction
Mz: ±300 N・m, angular moment
Nonlinearity Within ±1% RO
Hysteresis Within ±1% RO
Rated Output Approx. 1.7 mV/V for Fx, Fy, Mz
Approx. 0.6 mV/V for Fz
Approx. 1.2 mV/V for Mx, My
Environmental Characteristics
Safe Temperature -20 to 70ºC
Compensated Temperature 0 to 40ºC
Temperature Effect on Zero Within ±0.05% RO/ºC
Temperature Effect on Output Within ±0.05%/ºC
Electrical Characteristics
Safe Excitation 6 V AC or DC
Recommended Excitation 1 to 4 V AC or DC
Input Resistance 120 Ω ±5%
Output Resistance 120 Ω ±5%
Cable 4-conductor (0.05 mm2) vinyl shielded cable, 2.5 mm diameter by 7 m long, terminated with 6 connector plugs
(Measuring instrument side: R05-PB5M)
(Shield wire is not connected to the case.)
Mechanical Properties
Safe Overloads 120%
Interference Within ±5% RO

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