Leakage Water Measuring System


Enable remote measurement of leakage water of banking, natural ground or dam.
This system is designed to measure leakage water of banking, natural ground or dam body. Checking the leakage collected in a channel and guided to a triangular weir initiates changes in the pressure water head. A buoyant load-cell water-level transducer detects the changes to measure the flow rate. Electrical output signals of the transducer are transmitted via cable, thereby enabling remote measurement and recording in combination with a recorder.

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Dam/Embankment Measurement, Water Level 300 mm

Specifications of Measurement-Water Channel and Triangular Weir

Measuring Water Channel Triangular weir with an acute angle of 60º or 90º (As required)
Conforms to JIS.
Weir Width and Flow Angle 60º, Width 45 cm, Flow Rate 18 to 260 L/min
Angle 90º, Width 60cm, Flow Rate 110 to 1500 L/min
Angle 90º, Width 80cm, Flow Rate 110 to 2900 L/min

Water-Level Transducer Specification

Rated Capacity Water level: 300 mm
Nonlinearity Within ±0.5% RO
Hysteresis Within ±0.5% RO
Rated Output 1.2 mV/V ±10%
Environmental Characteristics
Safe Temperature -10 to 40ºC (Non-condensing)
Temperature Effect on Zero Within ±0.03% RO/ºC
Electrical Characteristics
Input Resistance 350 Ω ±2%
Output Resistance 350 Ω ±2%
Cable 4-conductor (0.5 mm2) chloroprene-coated shielded cable, 3 m long by 10 mm diameter, bared at the tip
Mechanical Properties
Safe Overloads 120%
Weight Approx. 19 kg


Mechanical Properties
Degrees of Protection IP67 (IEC 60529)

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Differential pressure type can also be manufactured.