Multistage Bedrock Displacement Transducer


The RMD-G is a displacement transducer for measuring displacement and release strain on bedrock.
Rated Capacity: 0 to 100 mm (Tension or compression rated capacity can be sorted)
Nonlinearity: Within ±2% RO
Rated Output: Approx. 4 mV/V


• Suitable for bedrock measurement in underground cavity or tunneling works
• Compact and lightweight design enables installation to a max. 6 measuring points in a boring,, 66 mm in diameter.
• Easy installation

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Multistage Bedrock Displacement Transducer


Rated Capacity 0 to 100 mm (Assignable to compression or tension in the range)
Channels 1 to 6 (7 or 8 available on request; with boring diameter 86 mm)
Boring Diameter φ66 mm
Measurement Depth Max. 50 m
Input Resistance 350 Ω±5%
Output Resistance 300 Ω±5%
Inspection Methods Potentiometer-type
Rated Output Approx. 4 mV/V (8000μm/m)
Nonlinearity Within ±2%RO
Cable 20 pairs (0.65 mm); polyethylene-coated pair cable, 5 m long by 13.5 mm diameter, bared at the tip
Anchor Portion Hydraulic anchor BA-66B (Joint use with grout)
Diameter of Displacement Transfer Rod φ5 mm
Hysteresis Within ±1%RO
Weight Approx. 7 kg (Displacement measuring unit)
Mechanical Properties
Degree of Protection IP67 (IEC 60529)


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