Slip-ring Type Wheel Torque Transducer



Measures wheel torque during driving or breaking.
●Measures the wheel torque generated by driving
or braking an automobile.
●Applicable for braking and traction control
●Compact & lightweight
●Optional angle detector outputs signals of rotary
angle of wheel simultaneously.


The wheel torque transducer is designed to measure torque generated around the wheel of a running
vehicle. It consists of a strain gage transducer, a signal transmitter (slip-ring), dedicated wheel and hub adapters.
The wheel and hub adapter are replaced to enable the transducer to be applied to various types
of vehicles. The wheel torque transducer is suitable for drive and brake tests as well as traction control tests.

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Slip-ring Type Wheel Torque Transducer


Rated Capacity 1 to 5 kN·m
(Rated capacities other than above are available, please contact us.)
Nonlinearity Within ±0.5% RO
Hysteresis Within ±0.5% RO
Environmental Characteristics
Safe Temperature -10 to 80ºC
Compensated Temperature 0 to 70ºC
Applicable PCD and Number of Holes PCD100 to 120 as specified, 4 or 5 holes
For other PCD and number of holes, please contact us.
Applicable Wheel Size According to specifications (14 to 20 inches)
For other wheel sizes, please contact us.
Electrical Characteristics
Recommended Excitation 1 to 10V AC or DC
Safe Excitation 15V AC or DC
Cable Terminated with a connector plug PRC03-12A10-7M
Mechanical Properties
Safe Overloads 150%
Rotary Speed Max. 2000 rpm
Installateion The transducer is mounted to the tire via the dedicated wheel and to the axle via the hub adapter.
Weight Approx. 4 kg (For 2.5 kN∙m)
Degree of Protection IP44 (IEC 60529)
(Drip-proofed by protective coating)

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