Borehole Elongation Measuring System


Installable in a short time for measurement of displacement inside the ground
Installed in locations where a landslide is suspected, SSD-510TSB measures displacement inside the ground. An elongation transducer SSD-T connects to the transmission wire that is extended from an anchor fixed in a boring by pressure. Displacement is measured based on rotation of the displacement transmission shaft of SSD-T. Compared to a grout anchor, a pressure anchor can be fixed in a shorter time, thereby reducing installation time.

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Borehole Elongation Measuring System


Pressure Type Anchor BA-66D
Boring Diameter φ66
Recommended Excitation 1 to 1.5 MPa
Dimensions 165 W* x 115 H x 161 D mm
*Dimension to the center of rudder wheel. The shape and dimensions are same as the SSD-510TSA.
Mechanical Properties
Degree of Protection IP64 (IEC 60529)

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