Ground Settlement Measuring Systems


The SVC is a ground settlement measuring systems for continuously measuring ground settlement in banking areas. The system provides a double-pipe structure consisting of an anchor pipe fixed at a steady point and an external pipe concentrically arranged around the anchor pipe.
Rated Capacity: 100 (±50) to 2000 (±1000) mm
Nonlinearity: Within ±2% RO
Rated Output: 1 mV/V or more


• Relative displacement occurs between the anchor pipe and the external pipe is detected by the BJB-C-S/D-S.
• Remote measurement is available by extending the cable length.
• A system replacing the screw anchor with a deformed bar (rock anchor) can be manufactured on request.

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Rated Capacity 500 mm (±250 mm)
200 mm (±100 mm)
2000 mm (±1000 mm)
100 mm (±50 mm)
1000 mm (±500 mm)
(Detector: BJB-C-S,D-S)
Safe Temperature -20 to 50ºC
Rated Output 1 mV/V or more
Pipe Length on request
Dimensions of Settlement Plate 500×500×5 mm
Nonlinearity Within ±2%RO

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