In-banking Strain Transducers


Applicable to in-banking soil pressure/stress analysis
Designed for installation in artificial banking of fill dams, transducers in SVG series detect strain on fill materials at the installation site. Use in combination with a soil pressure transducer enables in-banking stress/strain analysis. According to the stress analysis method and measurement purpose, each unit may be installed in one axis, orthogonal two axes or rosette three axes. The electrical system facilitates remote measurement and data processing by PC.

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Rated Capacity 500 mm (±250 mm)
200 mm (±100 mm)
100 mm (±50 mm)
(Detector: BJB-C-S,D-S)
Rated Output 1 mV/V or more
Nonlinearity Within ±2%RO
Cable 4-conductor (0.5 mm2) chloroprene shielded cable, 1 m long, bared at the tip

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