Gage Tool Kit



This kit includes all tools, gage terminals, solder and other expendables required for gage bonding work.


Tool box, screwdriver set, tweezers (2 PC.), nippers, radio pliers, tape measure (2 m),
stainless steel scale, protractor, sandpaper (#100, #320, 3 PC. each), soldering iron tip
cleaner, knife, utility knife, scriber, soldering iron (40 W), compasses, marking pencil,
mending tape, pencils (4H, 6H, 2 PC. each), scissors, cotton swabs, clean paper,
high-temperature solder, flux for high-temperature solder, heat-resistant glass tube,
gage terminals (T-P1, T-P4, T-P5, T-P6, T-P7, T-P8, T-P9, T-P10, T-F2B, T-F3B, T-F7B, T-F8B,
TF10B, T-F13B, T-F17B, T-F25andT-F28), hair dryer (1200 W), insulation vinyl tape, table tap
(2.5 m), soldering iron (ANTEX), silicon rubber (10 PC.), fluoroplastic sheet (10 PC.),
gage presser (G-MATE-B, 1 PC.)

To Ensure Safe Usage

Strain gages and adhesives are not included. Please prepare them separately.
The power supply about the electric goods is Japanese specification of 100 VAC.