KFEM Series
Ultra high-elongation Foil Strain Gages


KFEM series ultrahigh-elongation foil gages can measure strain in elastic to plastic region on structures and are suitable for large strain measurement or rupture tests of metals (Steel, stainless steel, aluminum) and plastics (Polyethylene, polypropylene).

Click here for the [Strain Gages with Pre-attached Lead Cables]


• Measurement of 20% to 30% material deformation possible
• Laminate protruded from the tip of gage base ensures improved adhesive property, making the gages hard to peel off.
• Foil material has an improved elongation property and is hard to disconnect.

Major Properties

Materials Resistive element CuNi alloy foil
Materials Base Polyimide
Operating temperature in combination with major adhesives after curing (°C) CC-36: -20 to 80ºC
Operating temperature in combination with major leadwire cables (°C) Polyester-coated copper cable: -10 to 80ºC
Vinyl-coated flat cable (L-6, L-7): -10 to 80ºC
Self-temperature-compensation (°C) -
Applicable linear expansion coefficients (×10-6/℃) -
Strain limits at normal temp. (approx. %) 20 to 30
Fatigue lives at normal temp. (times) -


Besides the silver-clad copper lead wire, KFEM strain gages with pre-attached lead cables are available on request.
When ordering, please suffix the lead-wire cable code to the model number with a space in between.

KFEM-5-120-C1 suffixes L3M2R for the gage with a 3 m long vinyl-coated flat 2-wire cable becomes
KFEM-5-120-C1 L3M2R

For details, please refer to the [Strain Gages with Pre-attached Lead Cables]

Products table

All display

KFEM120Ω Uniaxial

Model Dimensions (mm)
Gage(Grid) Base
Length Width Length Width
KFEM-10-120-C1 10 2.5 17.5 4.5
KFEM-5-120-C1 5 1.5 11.5 3
KFEM-2-120-C1 2 1.5 8.5 3
KFEM-1-120-C1 1 1.3 7 2.5

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