Encapsulated Gage

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Encapsulated gage is hermetically sealed. They consist of a sensing part and a cable to transmit output signals from the sensing part.


Enable dynamic strain measurement at up to 800ºC.
The quarter bridge is configured with an active gage and the short gage length of 5 mm enables installation to a limited space.

Major Properties

Materials Resistive element Heat-resistant special alloy
Materials Base Heat-resistant metal
Operating temperature in combination with major adhesives after curing (°C) (Spot welding) 25 to 800ºC
Operating temperature in combination with major leadwire cables (°C) MI Cable: 25 to 800ºC
Self-temperature-compensation (°C) -
Applicable linear expansion coefficients (×10-6/℃) (Dynamic measurement)
Strain limits at normal temp. (approx. %) -
Fatigue lives at normal temp. (times) -

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KHCV 120Ω Uniaxial

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Model Dimensions (mm)
Gage(Grid) Base
Length Width Length Width
KHCV-5-120-G17 5 - 10 3

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To Ensure Safe Usage

The specifications on this page are the reference values. Actual values may vary depending on operating conditions including temperatures.