Ultra Linear Semiconductor Strain Gage

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The KSPLB gage features a superior linearity of resistance change against strain in a comparatively wide range, thereby making it suitable as a sensing element of transducers.

Major Properties

Materials Resistive element P-type silicone
Materials Base Polyimide
Operating temperature in combination with major adhesives after curing (°C) PC-12B:-50 to 150 ºC
EP-340:-50 to 150 ºC
CC-33A:-50 to 120 ºC
Operating temperature in combination with major leadwire cables (°C) Silver-plated copper wires: -50 to 150 ºC
Self-temperature-compensation (°C) N/A
Applicable linear expansion coefficients (×10-6/℃) N/A
Strain limits at normal temp. (approx. %) 0.15
Fatigue lives at normal temp. (times) 2×106(±1000×10-6 strain

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KSPLB Uniaxial 60Ω gage

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Model Dimensions (mm)
Gage(Grid) Base
Length Width Length Width
KSPLB-7-60-E4 7 14 5

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