Measurement Consulting Services

From manufacture of equipment to measurement engineering and consulting

KYOWA put on the market the first Japanese-made strain gages and pioneered development of strain-gage civil engineering transducers. Since then, the Company has accumulated abundant achievements in manufacturing and marketing equipment as well as measurement and consulting services in many engineering fields.

As manufacturers of measuring equipment for civil engineering and construction, only the Kyowa Group can cope with varieties of needs in a nationwide scale.

Meet every demand for measurement of civil engineering and architectural structures of any types.

Satisfy measurement needs whatever type the object structure is.

Cope with measurement of many kinds of structures.

Satisfy measurement needs whatever method is used for construction.

In the case of earth retaining work, for example, we can measure any required parameters if the method is continuous column wall, soldier piles and lagging, sheet pile, steel-pipe sheet-pipe or continuous underground wall, etc. Contact us for details.

Satisfy any requirements whatever the type of measuring equipment or measuring phenomenon is.

Respond to general civil engineering and construction measurement including equipment of other make.

Types of Measuring Instruments

Strain-gage civil engineering transducers, civil engineering transducers with temperature measuring function, Carlson civil engineering transducers, potentiometer transducers, differential transformer transducers

Measuring Phenomena

Pressure (strain, stress, soil pressure, water pressure, pressure in pipe, etc.), displacement (settlement, inclination, displacement, expansion/contraction), temperature, torque, acceleration, earthquake, flow rate, water level, turbidity, weather (wind direction, wind velocity, rainfall), marine phenomenon (flow direction, flow velocity)

Consulting Procedure

Provide coherent measurement engineering.

At the stage of measurement plan

Draw up a plan that meets the measurement purpose.

  1. Preliminary investigation
  2. Select suitable types of instruments for the plan.
  3. Arrange equipment to the minimum necessary.
  4. Install equipment in most suitable method.
  5. Plan measuring method.
  6. Examine the method of analyzing measurement results.

At the stage of equipment installation works

We can quickly and gently perform the works by a suitable method.
Our engineers can be stationed in the field during the period from equipment installation to measurement and data processing.

At the stage of measurement

Having the most recent instruments in a large quantity, we can help customers perform highly-precise measurement.

At the stage of data analysis

Having many analysis software packages and achievements as measurement consultants, we will surely satisfy strict requirements of every customer.

Urban civil engineering
Landslide observation

Let us know your desire for development of new equipment.

Through the system where measurement software can organically be coupled with hardware for equipment development, we are foremost in hearing your demand for development of new equipment.