Manufacture and Calibration for axial force sensing in bolts

Measurable up to 200℃ Variable bolt shape and size

We have offered service with our sophisticated bonding work of strain gage onto bolts provided by you. Finally, we will provide the bolts with integrated gage as ‘bolt axial force sensor’.
With our long experience as strain gage manufacturer, we have offered bolt axial force sensor with low rate of creeping and low apparent output due to temperature change.
We can handle variable shape of bolts for manufacturing, and direction and spot of cable output is selectable from head of bolts, side face on head of bolt or tip of screw part.
Load calibration data and temperature characteristic data can be issued for accurate measurement.

Line Up

Bolt types Hexagon bolt, Hexagon socket head bolt, Eye bolt, Stud bolt, Preloaded bolt, Piston Rod bolt
Bolt sizes M3~M64
*Please contact us for unified screw
Temperature range -196~200°C
*-40~125°C for M3
*Please contact us for temperature higher than 200°C
Sensor type Strain gage
Sensor bonding method Applying gage onto internal surface of bored hole in bolts with heating, Embedding gage into bored hole in bolts, Applying gages onto external surface of bolts etc.


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There are flexibility and variability in structure such as direction of cable output depending on user’s condition.
Kyowa can manufacture axial force sensor for the case of high temperature condition and special bolt shape, so please contact us.

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  • Bolts will be made into axial force sensor after the bolts are provided from you.
  • During processing, bolts are subjected to aging treatment and cleaning treatment, so please consult us if temperature change for bolts and immersing them into cleaning fluid, acetone etc., are not acceptable.
  • Due to manufacturing work, mechanical characteristic such as lifespan in original bolts might be influenced.


You can count on Kyowa.Feel free to contact us, if there is something you would like to know or do not understand about Kyowa products.

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