Brake Pad Load Cell

One of the thinnest load cells with a width of 6mm.
This product is originally designed for measuring load between the friction material and the backing plate of the brake pad.

Noise-reducing Type Strain Gages for Motor Testing

This type strain gage has the ability to reduce the electromagnetic noise. Since the lead wire is structured by the twisted shield wires, it’s possible to reduce the influence of electromagnetic effectively. Also the extremely flexible thin wires make the installation more convenient.

Transmitter Collar

Transmit output of strain gages on a drive shaft to the dedicated receiver in a vehicle without cable.
Suitable for measuring driving torque, left/ right torque difference at cornering, regenerating torque, starting torque and so on.

G Meter

Easy to monitor acceleration / deceleration during driving and useful for ride comfort evaluation.
The improved model has recently been released with 20% lighter than the previous model and expanded excitation voltage range, DC10-30V.

IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit - (Attitude Angle Sensor)

Measure 3D motion of measurement object quickly and accurately.
Its CAN output signal can be used for communicating with CAN Bus. Available for monitoring attitude of driving vehicles, ships, and so on.

To be continued...