EDX-10 Series

Measure with Freedom

-Connect a strain gage to the recorder with just one touch
-Connect the recorder to your computer with a USB cable
-Start the control software and setup
Product configuration is simple, thus can reduce total time
from setup to put away.
“Measurements can be much simpler” This is Kyowa's proposal.

Simple data acquisition,just like taking a memo

Interview the engineers in charge

Our customers told us measurements take time to prepare and
they're hard to perform. Kyowa often heard them. Then, we wanted
to make it more user-friendly for students or anyone who has never
taken a measurement, but has an interest in it, to do so. That's why
we developed the EDX-10 series.
We designed it so you start measurements just by connecting a USB cable
We also made it small enough to store in a desk drawer or a business bag with the aim of providing a compact recorder you can take out whenever you want to use it. We hope you will use the EDX-10 series to experience the joy of measuring for yourself.

Voice from users

can count on Kyowa.Feel free to contact us, if there is something you would like to know or do not understand about Kyowa products.