EDX-200A + CVM-41A

Features/Differences between Models in EDX Series

EDX-200A EDX-100A EDX-3000A/B Remarks
Compatibility with CVM Yes Yes Yes Usable except for EDX-2000A
24-bit A-D conversion Yes No Yes 16 bits on EDX-100A
Dual sampling frequency Yes No No High/low sampling frequencies for each channel
Sampling at 10 kHz/32 channels Yes No Yes Sampling at 100 kHz is possible in 2 times more channels than EDX-100A.
Built-in digital filter Yes No No Digital filtering by internal DSP ensures clear waveform recording. With EDX-3000A, digital filtering is by software.
One-wire synchronization Yes No No Multiple units of EDX-200A can be cascaded with a LAN cable between each unit.
ESYN synchronization Yes Yes Yes Use of ESYN enables synchronization of multiple units except of EDX-2000A.
Monitor display Yes No Yes

EDX Series with New Conditioner Card CVM-41A Mounted

EDX-3000A + CVM-41A EDX-100A + CVM-41A EDX-100A/3000A/3000B + CDV-40B(-F) Remarks
Universal input Yes Yes CVM-41A: Strain, voltage, acceleration
24-bit A-D conversion Yes No No EDX-3000A is compatible with 24-bit cards. 16 bits on EDX-100A
Digital filter Yes No No With EDX-3000A, digital filtering is made by software. CDV-40B-F provides antialiasing filter.
Large strain input Yes Yes No CVM-41A: Max. 500000 με
Applied voltage 5 V Yes Yes No
Strain balance OFF for voltage zero Yes Yes No By setting strain input balance to OFF, initial value can be checked and determined as voltage zero point.