Universal Recorders EDX-200A

Design Concept

  • Clear acquisition of desired data.
  • Sophisiticated real-time processing functions are incorporated in the compact design.
  • Synchronization with conditioner cards for EDX series.


Equipped with real-time digital filter.

Digital filter enables clear waveform recording.

Sampling at high/low frequencies.

2 sampling frequencies, high and low, can be set for each channel.
Enables each channel to record gentle phenomena at a low frequency and sharply changing phenomena at a high frequency.

High-speed sampling in multiple channels


Maximum sampling frequency 10 kHz for 32 channels
Maximum sampling frequency 100 kHz for 3 channels


Maximum sampling frequency 5 kHz for 32 channels
Maximum sampling frequency 100 kHz for 1 channel

One-wire synchronization

Up to 8 units can be synchronized with one LAN cable between each unit. No hub required.

Organic EL display

If the PC is not connected, the operator can check measuring conditions, file name, IP address, etc.

Conditioner cards are common to all models in EDX series.

Conditioner cards mounted to EDX-100A, EDX-2000A/B or EDX-3000A/B can be re-mounted to EDX-200A.

Monitors data without PC

Monitors data without PC by connecting the Monitor Unit EMON-20A (optional accessory).

PDF documents available for downloading