New Strain Gages
General-purpose Foil Strain Gages KFGS

General-purpose Foil Strain Gages KFGS

About KFGS gages

Kyowa developed the KFGS not only keeps the features of KFG series, but also improved the gluing work and the quality toward the world highest level performance.
Various gage patterns and lead wires are available.

Evolution of Strain Gages

1. RoHS

  • All models are RoHS(2011/65/EU) compliant

2. Improved Quality

  • Excellent long-term stability, repeatability and reliability

3. Improving for gluing work

  • Modification of center marks
  • Brighter and more transparent
  • Improved flexibility

4. New package

  • Every gage packaged separately
  • Substantial information on package



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