Multi Signal Conditioner

MCF-A Multi Signal Conditioner

The Multi Signal Conditioner “MCF-A” is used in every stress measurement scene, including benchmark tests of automobiles and on-board tests of trains.
It is a multi-channel signal conditioner which is able to build a measuring system to suit your measuring object by selecting necessary conditioner cards.
Although the conventional product (MCD-A) has long been used as the multi-channel signal conditioner in measuring fields, we have downsized and lightened the MCD-A. We also offer the same operability as the 1-channel dynamic strain amplifier DPM-900 series to the MCD-A.


1.Offers improved operations

Intuitive, simple operations decrease the setup time drastically. Enables simple and precise setting of the sensor rated output signals by digital switches. Manual sensitivity adjustments are not necessary by using a ※1TEDS-compatible sensor.


Time-saving and simple

2.Further compact and lightweight

Further compact - volume: approx. 40%, weight: approx. 71% - less than the conventional product.※2

※2 When attaching the DPM-91A conditioner card to every channel of the MCF-8A.


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Multi Signal Conditioner MCF-A

Specifications MCF-8A MCF-16A
Models MCF-8A MCF-16A
Channels 8 16
Power Supply 10 to 30 VDC
Weight 5kg
※ (With 8 DPM-91A cards mounted)
※ (With 16 DPM-91A cards mounted)


Conditioner cards’ lineup

Models DPM-91A(-I)
Channels 1 1 1
Descriptions Strain amplifier card
(-I:Inverter noise reduced type)
Signal conditioner card Thermocouple card
Measuring targets Strain gages,
Strain-gage transducers
K, T, J, N, E, R
Input connectors 7-pinround connector
One-touchterminal block
Output connectors BNC

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Train vibration measurements

Detects rail abnormalities from signals sent from accelerometers affixed to the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the wheeled platform and issues alarms for maintenance and safety.

Automobile running tests

Measures the maneuvering stability while an automobile is running by using strain gages and acceleration sensors.

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