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MRS-100 Series

MRS-100 Series

The MRS-100 series is a small wireless unit which communicates stably by using the digital modulation. The MRS-100 series connects strain-gage sensors wirelessly and quickly. The MRS-100 series measures high-speed phenomena in experimental and research fields including automotive and transmits the test data in almost real-time. The MRS-100 series also connects the load sensors and pressure sensors for quality controlling wirelessly by mounting it in manufacturing lines and improves the productivity.

Point.01Measures data of moving objects.

Since the MRS-100 series does not require cables which prevents the movements of target objects, it is usable for moving objects or in various fields where wiring is difficult.

Point.02Easily mountable in narrow space.

Since the transmitter is much smaller than the conventional products, it is easy to mount in narrow space. The continuous use time of max. 34 hours makes them more convenient.

Point.03Globally usable telemeter

The MRS-100 series transmits data a long range up to 50 m (line-of-sight) in environment without obstacle objects, and also has flexibilities (ex. using expansion cable, etc.) based on measurement environments. The MRS-100 series have certified in wireless regulations in Japan, U.S., EU ,India, Thailand.

Point.04Supports rapid phenomena!

The frequency response is DC to 370 Hz, and the sampling frequency is 4.8 kHz. The MRS-100 series measures dynamic data and transmits the data in almost real-time. Therefore, the MRS-100 series can measure high-speed phenomena in experimental and research fields including automotive and sports for transmitting test data.

Point.05Radio condition inspection!

Since the MRS-100 series visualizes effects of wireless LAN and Bluetooth, you can measure data by using channels which have less radio interference. The MRS-100 series also has the function of check sensor connection. The check sensor connection function searches empty channels for setting the most appropriate measurement environments.

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More intuitive operability

Without using PC, the MRS-100 series checks setting statuses by using buttons on the receiver. After setting ranges, you can start measuring data by pressing ① BAL → ② CHECK → ③ START in order. The MRS-100 series have the key-lock function which locks switches excluding the ④ STOP to prevent malfunctions during measurements.


Lineup MRS-101A-S MRS-111A
Model MRS-101A-S MRS-111A
Channels 1
Measuring Targets Strain gages (Full bridge), strain-gage transducers
Sampling Frequencies 4.8kHz
Measuring Range 5 steps of 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000 x 10-6strain

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Wireless measurements improve productivity in industrial fields

Performance tests of drive trains

Monitoring press load wirelessly

Load management of mobile cranes


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