Suitable for evaluating reliability of PCA*
PCAS series

Suitable for evaluating reliability of PCA

Evaluation method for PCA using strain gages is regulated by IPC/ JDEC9704A and it is valid for quality evaluation or failure analysis.



Models Data Acquisition Date Analysis Creating Report Available Channels With PCD-400A
  PCAS-100A Yes Yes Yes 16
  PCAS-200A Yes Yes 128
  PCAS-1000A Yes Yes Yes 16 Yes

 Printed Circuit Assembly Stress Measuring Software PCAS-100A

  • For Sensor Interface PCD-400A/430A users
  • Up to 16 channels

User-friendly, even a beginner can test PCA stress, analyze data, and create reports in accordance with IPC/JEDEC-9704A.

 PCA Stress Analysis Software PCAS-200A

  • For Kyowa’s Measuring Instruments users
  • Up to 128 channels

PCAS-200A creates stress analysis report in accordance with IPC/JDEC9704A.

 Printed Circuit Assembly Stress Measurement Set PCAS-1000A

  • Ready to purchase both Measuring Instruments and the software

A good bargain kit packed a PCD-400A which is an optimum strain measurement unit, the software PCAS-100A, and the options in a housing case.

Recommended strain gages for evaluating reliability of PCA

Foil strain gages for printed boards KFRS


  • Linear expansion coefficient of 13 x 10–6/ºC, suitable for component-mounted board
  • Self-temperature-compensation range is made as wide as –30 to 120ºC to satisfy thermal cyclic tests of printed boards
Gage Length 0.2, 1 mm
Base Size Uniaxial: 1.1×1.2 mm, the minimum
Biaxial: 2.5×2.5
Triaxial: 2.5×2.5
Gage Resistance 120Ω

Note: Lead wires are selectable to meet your measuring conditions.

KFGS-1-120-D17-11 L3M3S


  • Compact, enable to bond it on a small, limited space
  • 3 m long lead wires are available, therefore easily to wire
Gage Length 1mm
Base Size Φ5mm
Gage Resistance 120Ω
Lead wire of vinyl-coated flat 3-wire cable 3 m, each

Note: Triaxial Gages placed in 0º/90º/45ºare for stress measurement.
Note: Lead wires are selectable to meet your measuring conditions.

Recommended Measuring Instruments for strain measurement

EDX-10 Series

Moderate price
Suitable for small number of measuring points
Max sampling frequency 20 kHz

PCD-400 series

Moderate price
Suitable for small number of measuring points
Built-in bridge excitation circuits, and strong against noise


Acquisition of data not only strain, voltage, and temperature, but also acceleration from piezoelectric sensors, pulses, CAN signals, PGS data, etc. in combination with various cards.


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