Strain Gages

Strain Gages

General-purpose Foil Strain Gages

Strain Gages for Measuring Axial Tension of Bolts

Foil strain gages with temperature sensor

General-purpose Foil Strain Gages

Waterproof foil strain gages

Weldable waterproof foil strain gages

Embedded Strain Gages

Concrete-embedded Strain Gages

Foil strain gages for composite materials

Encapsulated strain gages

High-temperature foil strain gages

Ultrahigh-elongation foil strain gages

Shielded foil strain gages

Foil strain gages with protector


Foil Strain Gage for Hydrogen Gas Environment

Strain Gages Accessories


Leadwire Cables

Strain Gage Installation Kit

Gage Presser