Upgrade history NTB-10A


The USB / CAN converter Kvaser Leaf Light v2 is made applicable. (Kvaser Leaf Light v2 is the successor to the Kvaser Leaf HS (Product no Longer in production). The Kvaser Leaf HS can be still used.)


The following failures are corrected:

  • Repeated starting and stopping of measurement of the NTB that is connected while waiting for interval when the function of the interval waiting monitor measurement is OFF (Display of waiting for interval and monitor waiting for interval alternately appeared when this failure occurred).
  • Measurement data was not correctly saved when the number of checks for the header display displayed on the numerical window was set to less than 2 with the "save data of numerical window" function.
  • There were cases where the number of intervals became 1 less when conducting interval measurement recording only with STEP 0.
Failures do not occur when interval measurement is infinitely repeated or when the interval starting time is set.

Procedure where failure occurred

Start monitor measurement→start recording→finish when the status of the interval condition is END→return to monitor→restart recording without stopping monitor→number of intervals becomes 1 less only for STEP 0.



  • Applicable to OS Windows 8



  • Support of NTB-201A
  • Support of trigger measurement
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)

[Additional function ]

  • To enable changes in the scale of Y-Time, BAR and X-Y graphs without pressing the OK button.


  • The displacement of decimal places entered into the Y axis on a Y-Time graph, and X and Y axes on an X-Y graph was corrected.
  • The termination of an applicationfrom menus [File] - [Exit Application] during measurement was disabled.


The following corrections were made:

  • Message is now displayed when conducting "USB check" or "NTB communication check" in environment settings and succeeding.
  • The procedure of "MONITOR"→"REC" had to be carried out to be in recording status on Ver.01.10. However it became possible in recording status only with "REC" on Ver.01.20.
  • The data range to be saved can be specified with "save data of numerical window".
  • The number of measurements of the NTB was changed from 8 to 99.
  • Possible to measure without conducting communication check before starting measurement by unchecking "conduct communication check before starting measurement" in environment settings.
  • The maximum number of display of the graph was changed from 10 to 50.

Additional feature:

  • Added file format item. Became possible to select file format from "divide measurement time", "do not divide measurement time", and "DIAdem format".

The following failures are corrected:

  • Strange graph display when graph is opened while more than 9 NTBs are connected.
  • The connection of the USB/ CAN is not changed even if switching the connection number of the USB/ CAN when multiple USB/ CAN are connected.



  • The displayed CH is automatically set in the order of the BOXNo. when newly opening the numeric display of the Y-TIME, BAR, and X-Y graph.
    (The set CH will be the maximum number of the displayed CH of each graph.)
  • A power save item is displayed in the NTB information item when conducting communication check.
  • The automatic setting of the displayed CH can be selected from distortion, temperature, and distortion/ temperature on the graph condition setting screen of the numerical displays of Y-TIME, BAR, X-Y graph.
  • The data acquisition time cannot be set to exceed the interval space.
  • The displaying and non displaying of CH number, CH name, and unit can be set with numerical displays.
  • Data can be acquired in stopped state when the measurement mode is set in interval measurement.
  • Becomes stopped state and not monitoring state when interval measurement is complete.
  • The CSV data file format of the NTB-10A was changed. (The SME and format were matched).

Additional features:

  • The measurement data displayed in the figure window can be saved in the CSV file.
  • Monitor measurement can be conducted when waiting for interval.
  • Can stroke change.
  • X-Y graph can be displayed.

The following failures are corrected:

  • Two scroll bars are displayed on the numerical window.
  • The units within the data file collected remain in Japanese when conducting data acquisition in English.
  • Digits after the decimal point are not displayed in the Y axis scale figure of the Y-TIME, BAR graph.
  • Measurement can be started when all the CH mode of the NTB-100A is SKIP.
  • The STEP display of the status bar does not change when setting the data acquisition number of the interval measurement condition to 1 and conducting interval measurement.