Upgrade history WGA-900A


Corrects the following failures:

  • Continuous output in RS communication involved errors in measurements.
  • Display got out of order when turning the power on anew after changing a measuring mode to peak-bottom hold mode in RS communication.
  • Some specific value (X.XX15 mV/V) could not be input in sensitivity setting.


Corrects the following failures:

  • With earlier versions, measurement was possible while waveform data was being saved in SD card. But the next measurement could not be started for approximately 1.5 seconds required to complete saving the acquired waveform data in the KYOWA recommended SD card. The new version 01.14E enables noninterrupted measurement while saving waveform data in SD card if the display is switched to another.
  • Sending the RS communication command “GDT” in peak-bottom measurement did not let the WGA-900A display peak and bottom values at the same time.
  • Waveform data acquisition caused mixture of abnormal values in data.
    Updating Method

* Refer to the attached file or the instruction manual of WGA-900A.


Corrects the following failures:

  • Data output differed from the read value when the BCD output transmission rate setting was “32 times/sec.” This problem has been corrected.

* The user of the previous version needs to upgrade the internal software of the WGA-900A.


  • The defective factory tuning in Ver. 1.14 was corrected.
    The type of variables for average shift was changed.
  • The OVER signal error in BCD output was corrected.