Data Analysis Software: DAS-100A Ver02.31(8/21/2009)

For KYOWA Memory Recorder Analyzers

When installing the update to the PC, prepare the Password to Install you received at the time of purchase.

DAS-100A Version 02.31 (2009/8/21) corrects the following failures or changes a channel

designation condition:

  • With KS2 files containing movie data, extracting a designated section resulted in error.
  • With KS2 files having any channel designation exceeding 24 alphanumerics, FFT analysis resulted in error.
  • With KS1 files, each channel designation is limited to 20 alphanumerics on the channel setting window.

How to Install

Execute the downloaded exe file. Then, start the new program and check the version number.


  • If DAS-100A version 02.22 or earlier is installed in the PC, be sure to uninstall it before installing the new version.
  • The update may not be developed depending on a file decompression software. In such a case, use another appropriate decompression software.
  • Copyright of the software provided by the download service belongs to Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. or a company otherwise stated.
  • Any or whole part of the software may not be reproduced, photo-copied, transferred or revised without prior permission of Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • KYOWA has the right to revise the software without prior notice for improvement.
  • Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. owes no responsibility for any effects given to other equipment by downloading or operating the software.
  • The download service is available only for users of KYOWA memory recorder analyzers.
  • Before installing the software, be sure to read terms and conditions of the agreement below. Installing the software constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you cannot agree with the terms and conditions, do not install the software and erase it from the computer memory or hard disk.

Agreement for Use of the Sample Program

You, the licensee and Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd., the licenser (herein after, KYOWA) shall agree with the following terms and conditions for use of the Sample Program copyrighted by KYOWA.

Article 1. End User License Agreement

KYOWA licenses the licensee to use the Sample Program on a single computer.
Irrespective of the purpose, the licensee may not divert the Sample Program to another purpose, or transfer, sell or sublease the Sample Program to a third party.

Article 2. Warranty

KYOWA shall not warrant the quality and performance of the shareware, freeware, sample program and update program.
KYOWA shall have the right to revise the Sample Program without prior notice for improvement.
In any case, KYOWA shall owe no responsibility for any effects resulting from use of the shareware, freeware, sample program or update program.

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