EDX-100A USB driver Ver. 01.01 (10/27/2014)

USB drivers of EDX-10A/100A/200A and PCD-300A/400A will be set up at a time.

Ver. 01.01 (10/27/2014)

    The latest version corrects the following failure:

  • If Root Certificate Update Program was not installed through Windows Update, setting up the USB driver was interrupted with no error message on display.
  • The latest version prompts the operator to install the Root Certificate Update Program from Windows Update if it is not installed at the time of setting up. If the prompt message is displayed, install the Program in either of the following 2 ways:
    (1) Perform custom installation of Windows Update with a check mark put to Root Certificate Update Program.
    (2) Execute the setup program with the PC connected to Internet.
    The Root Certificate will be updated automatically and the USB driver will be set up.
  • The USB driver version 01.01 (2014/10/27) updates the setup program only and does not contain any other USB driver updating particulars for instruments. If the USB driver is already installed, you need not execute the setup program anew.

Versions of set-up USB drivers


Model Date Version
EDX-10A 2014/02/28
EDX-100A 2014/02/19
EDX-200A 2014/02/27
PCD-300B 2012/07/03
(Wndows 8 or later are not supported)
PCD-400A 2014/05/26 XP is not supported)

64-bit (Windows Vista or later)

Model Date Version
EDX-10A 2014/02/28
EDX-100A 2014/03/12
EDX-200A 2014/02/27
PCD-300B 2014/07/03 8 or later are not supported)
PCD-400A 2014/05/26

Operating Environment

OS Operating Environment:Windows XP,Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

Implementation Note

The file may not be extracted correctly depending on the decompression program. If this is the case, try extracting the file with another decompression software package and installing the software.

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